Wife left Me Due to Caregiver Duties

by Lawrence

I am fifty seven years old.My name is Lawrence.For a good number of years my wife and I, whilst working,looked after my elderly parents.

My mother died in 2007. We then discovered that my dad had Lewy Body dementia.My wife and I took turns at going up every night to see my dad and make him a meal....although for one reason or another it was mostly me.

As you can imagine this became absolutely exhausting. We then decided to take my dad in with us. Money was no problem so we gave up work. Our lives became spectacularly dull. Making breakfast,lunch etc. Doing the same thing day in day out. It started driving us both mad.

A couple of weeks ago my wife said she had had enough,packed up and left.She insists that she didn't leave me but my father.She says that she wants us to stay 'together' by meeting up regularly and when my dad goes into care we will get back together. I feel lonelier than I can articulate. My wife had issues with mental health all of our married life (35yrs) and no matter what happened I stuck by her.

The only time I've ever asked her to help me and she walks out the door. I also have two brothers who never come anywhere near. I've never had a very good opinion of people but all of this has left me feeling that life is worthless....any ideas?

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