The Usefulness of Wheelchair Bags

It's often difficult enough to maneuver a wheelchair around when you're in the best of health and have strong hands, arms and shoulders.

Maneuvering a wheelchair when you're a senior dealing with paralysis, arthritis, or other bone and joint conditions as well as age-related weakness and lack of muscle tone is another matter. The wheelchair-bound senior often has difficulty performing even the simplest mobility tasks. 

Wheelchair accessories such as bags can help make their life a lot easier. A wheelchair bag provides an accessory that can be attached to the wheelchair so that Mom or Dad can enjoy a trip to the library or go through the grocery store without having to try and balance items on their lap and manage their wheelchair at the same time.

Wheelchair Bags

Wheelchair accessories bags come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Organizer bags, carry-on bags, and scooter packs can attach to the handlebars of an electric wheelchair, the back handles of a manual wheelchair, or attach to the sides of a wheelchair scooter.  Wheelchair bags can be adapted to just about any size or wheelchair shape. Offering a variety of functions, wheelchair bags can help Mom or Dad with small tasks such as carrying books, prescription medications, a few groceries, or important documents without having to balance them on their lap while it the same time trying to steer their wheelchair.

Wheelchair bags are designed and available for:

·         Manual wheelchairs

·         Power chairs

·         Mobility scooter chairs

Design and function can be customized to the needs of the individual using a wheelchair. Wheelchair accessories bags come in plain leather totes or designer bags that reflect the character and personality of the user. From tangerine-colored bags to quilted bags to camouflage-painted bags, the Internet as well as medical supply stores offers a wide range of selections in catalogs for users.

Wheelchair bags come in a variety of fabrics from canvas to leather the heavy-duty briefcase type materials. Magnetic closures, front pockets and interior pockets are ideal for students or seniors who enjoy getting out and about and need a place for their pocketbook, keys, or library books.

Wheelchair accessories bags can be located on the armrests, under the seat, or in a backpack type format. Some wheelchair bags come with a variety of compartments that hold calculators, pens, cell phones, and other important belongings without having to try and dangle or balance a handbag off the handlebars.

Wheelchair Bag

Some wheelchair pouches and bags offer ring zippers for easy opening and closure, especially for individuals with limited range of motion or hand dexterity. Velcro and zippered pockets offer security, and Velcro straps are long enough to adapt to handle bars, for under the seat attachment, or side rail attachment preferences. 

Some are weather resistant while others offer open-up flaps typical of student backpacks. Smaller armrest packs have adjustable straps that fit to the arm rails of manual wheelchairs with adjustable buckles that can carry smaller items like hairbrushes, identification, and wallets or purses with the added security of their location between the side rail of the wheelchair and the individual's body.

Features of a variety of wheel chair bags offer greater convenience to the wheelchair- bound and many can be designed to meet special needs and capabilities including limited range of motion, individuals with arthritis, or lack of finger strength and dexterity.

Cost Considerations

Prices for wheelchair accessories bags range between $20.00 and over $100, depending on the design, materials, and designer of the bag. Seniors and their loved ones should know that wheelchair accessories are not reimbursed by Medicare or Medicaid services unless they are deemed medically necessary and include a doctor's prescription

or description of their use as being vital for the mobility, comfort, or use by the senior.

However, because of their affordability, your loved one can enjoy the benefits and convenience of a variety of designs, fabrics and colors to best meet their needs so that they can maintain their independence and maneuverability even though they are in a wheelchair. 

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