What in the World Is a Stairway Elevator?

by Linda
(Clarksdale, AZ)

Stairway Elevator

Stairway Elevator

What’s a stairway elevator? That's what I thought when I first heard the term. Then I realized that a stairway elevator was just another term for a chair lift that transitions from one floor to another via a stairway.

Stairway elevators are also referred to as stair lifts. I have a friend whose elderly parents live in a two-story house along with a converted and furnished basement.

However, because of weakness and stability issues, they pretty much live on the main floor of their home now because they can't easily climb up or down stairs without help.

When she first mentioned to me that her parents were now sleeping on the sofa bed on the main floor, I got online and did some research on stairway elevators.

A number of companies provide stair lifts or chair lifts that adapt to home or business environments. It doesn't matter if the stairway is multilevel with angles, straight, or curved. They're classified as home medical equipment, and are perfect for someone who is dealing with mobility impairments.

Stairway elevator models are numerous. Consumers can choose between rail type (curved, multilevel, straight) electric or battery power source, weight capacity (300 pounds plus/minus), and type (new, used, reconditioned).

Regardless of what you call them, a stairway elevator, stair lift, or chair lift provides increased mobility and independence in one's own home.

No need to limit movement to one section of a home when you can choose a piece of equipment that can help you get around without worrying about physical limitations.

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Stairway Elevator - Great for Safety for Elders
by: Paul

I just installed one of these stair lifts into the home of an elderly relative.

I'm in construction, so it wasn't that difficult for me to do myself, but most of these stair lifts or stair elevator manufacturers do offer installation by professionals.

These gadgets are wonderful for enhancing safety and security for those who wish to age in place.

Stairway Elevator - This Could Help My Wife and I
by: Bill

I’ve been wondering about this issue for quite some time. My wife and I (I'm 84, she 87) live in a two-story home, but like the couple you mentioned in your article, are considering moving our bedroom from upstairs to downstairs to reduce the need to climb.

I showed the article to my son, and he is looking at a variety of manufacturers who provide financing options as well as installation services.

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