Wearable Technology Can Save the Day

by Jacqueline
(Miami, FL)

Wearable Technology - Medical Alert

Wearable Technology - Medical Alert

Ever worry about Mom or Dad being at home alone? What if Mom falls? What if Dad, diagnosed with dementia, wanders away from home and nobody can find him?

These are questions that no caregiver or family member wants to contemplate. With wearable technology available today, such concerns may no longer be necessary.

Some of the most common forms of wearable technology today include emergency medical alert buttons (they can be worn around the wrist as a necklace or even as a brooch), and wearable GPS trackers (on a watch-like device, on a necklace, or pinned to the clothing).

Such devices are especially beneficial to those diagnosed with cognitive or physical issues with increased fall risk, wandering, or confusion.

Today, there's a lot of attention given to one of the latest trends in technology, such as the FitBit wristband, which may also serve seniors well, especially when encouraging them to get up and move, to track sleeping habits, and their vitals. The peace of mind that not only seniors, but caregivers and family members can gain from such technology, is priceless.

Wearable technology such as GPS trackers not only keep seniors with wandering issues safe and sound, but can be updated with the latest in technologies with local sheriff or police departments in the event of an emergency, saving time, and possibly lives.

Wearable technologies are today incorporated into a variety of jewelry designs, and even tattoos, so they're less intrusive, less visible, lest stigmatizing, but most importantly, won't get lost or broken.

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by: Anonymous

good post

Wearable Technology - Medical Alert Button for Elderly Mom
by: Bonnie

At first, my mom pushed back about wearing the "Help I've fallen and can't get up" emergency medical alert button. Now she won't take it off except when she bathes (with the caregiver or family member always present).

The technology has offered her greater security, and seems to bring her a bit of peace of mind, and comfort because she lives by herself.

Wearable Technology - FitBit for Elderly Dad
by: Carrie Ann

I bought a FitBit for myself, but after seeing everything it could to, I bought a FitBit for my elderly father.

In fact, he takes a great deal of pleasure in showing me nearly every day how active he's been. It's a great tool, especially in motivating mobility.

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