They Seem to Live Forever These Days

by Generation Y

My grandmother is 87 years old and has been seriously on the wane for years now. Her husband (my beloved granddad) died ten years ago.

My grandmother was an abusive tyrant to her husband and children and was always waited on like some prima donna.

She's had dementia for years and was recently put into an Alzheimer's facility from her already expensive assisted living place. Her youngest daughter (who acts like a martyr) is her guardian and won't gift any of her mom's millions to her hard-up relatives who really need the money.

Yes, from my perspective, this generation of baby boomer parents has certainly outlived their quality of life. I think it also disgusting that the medical industry will not allow anyone to die nowadays, and will keep alive the decayed vegetables who should have died, so long as they have plenty of money to throw at the doctors.

My former step-grandparent is 98 years old and recently had a pacemaker installed! Ye gads, let these people go! Nobody can live forever, yet the doctors keep trying! I hope I don't end up this way in 50 years.

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Living forever
by: Anonymous

I'm just wondering if I'm going to be as hardy as my mother, she inherited money and at 90 yrs I see no sign of slowing down.

My sister lives near her and so it falls on her to put up with her. She is 100 times worse than ever before, I always thought I would grow up enough to finally deal with her but she's always one step ahead of me and now she's a nasty demented old lady who is dishonest and just checks out if she's uncomfortable with a subject.

I know my sister is privately barely hanging on, my mother acts one with people and friends and then turns on my sister and me but I live in another state. I just don't want to live like that and of course I don't have her kind of money to be comfortable.

I'm a nurse, I know what happens and god I don't want it to happen to me.

And on and on...
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your response to my posting. It sounds as though your mother was at least a loving and like able person in her life; my grandmother was definitely not.

While she didn't look like a movie starlet, she damn well expected that her devoted husband would treat her like one--or like Marie Antoinette. She was a mentally ill, physically abusive alcoholic to her children and her husband.

Believe this or not, she even beat up HER OWN MOTHER when my great grandmother was the age she is now, 87!

Now my grandmother is being cared for in Alzheimer's at probably $6,000 per month, only because of her husband's financial prudence before he died, and because she inherited a small fortune from the mother she beat up.

Plus, her youngest daughter, who is also quite wealthy and a hypocritical martyr, looks after her affairs as Guardian, and has essentially shut out her other siblings. Grandma's abusive and narcissistic ways affected my mom's self-esteem and have likely caused all sorts of nasty ramifications psychologically in the family.

If there is anyone who didn't deserve to live a long life, it's certainly my grandmother. Yet, she really has no quality of life anymore, despite her money and all the nursing care, since she is not much more than an aged infant in diapers.

My mom will eventually inherit some money, which she is entitled to as much as her stupid siblings are, when the old tyrant finally dies. She and we really need it. I just hope we don't die ourselves from holding our breaths too long waiting for the miracle!

I Agree
by: Anonymous

My mother is 94 and lives with me. Other than severe arthritis in her hands & back (she's u-shaped now) and hearing problems, she cannot survive on her own, thus she lives with me.

Her only bad trait is being extremely vain. At one time she looked like Lana Turner so I guess she's entitled to be vain. But to be serious, I agree that our medical community has taken "extending lives" too far.

I enjoy my mother's presence. She's very humorous. It is an incredible gift to be able to make peace with her and to keep her as comfortable as possible. It makes me feel good in my heart to do that for her. She used to be an accomplished artisan helps me increase my creative skills even today. But ... she will tell you herself that she doesn't understand why people like her who are so helpless and feel so useless can't just die.

It pains my heart watching and hearing her deal with this issue. My siblings and I work hard to keep her entertained because there's nothing she can do any more to entertain herself.

I know some people would tell us to shut up and be grateful we still have our beloved mother. But it hurts our hearts more watching her distress and hearing her bitterness towards life increasing.

I guess there's a message in this situation for all of us but I don't know what it is, because I not only love my mother dearly, but I love her enough to let her go. THAT is what SHE wants and I just wish she could have her way and be at peace finally.

All you do-gooders who feel compelled to tell me to honor God's plan can save your breath. And please don't condemn others who see things for what they are and pray for their parent's peace rather than a longer life.

This isn't about me or my siblings. This is about our mother who is suffering beyond the degree that she should have to endure. All she wants is to "be free like the birds".

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