They are Always Shouting at Each Other

by Sylvie
(North Bay, Ontario, Canada)

It bothers me when they yell at each other. Also, my dad hides that he is drinking, but he drinks and drives too. Want to know how to go about reporting him to the MTO regarding getting him off the road.

My mom forgets all the time, so I try to get her involved with what I am doing. Sometimes she tells me she isn't stupid and that she can do things herself. My dad starts a conversation and then goes onto something else. He keeps telling us he is dieing.

Sometimes I just want to give up, but I think again, what if something happens, it will be my fault because I wasn't here for them. I try to keep asking about a doctor but they tell me they haven't been to a doctor in years, and they don't know who she, or he is. I see them taking vitamins but nothing else.

Last night I asked my dad when he had his last physical he said he didn't know but he was in good health. Anyway I will stop rambling on. Hopefully someone out there can help me. Sylvie

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by: Anonymous

Thanks for the comment, not a doctor, but they keep telling me to mind my business that they aren't stupid. Today, while they were sleeping I decided to just go through their mail and get rid of all the get rich schemes application.

Also, their cracker and cereal cupboard, they had cereal from back in 2005, also had their place fumigated for bugs and the packages were still in the cupboard, they were open. I have been eating things from that cupboard and now I am sick. I feel they are trying to bump me off!!!!! (ha, ha), I am afraid to eat anything!!!!!!.

Anyway, will try to find out their doctor but no one seems to know anything, except my brother, who wont tell me anything......

I'm no Doctor Myself!
by: Renata

Maybe you can insist that they see a doctor because you need it! What I mean is, how are you supposed to know what to do for either of them if you don't know what your dealing with? That can be very frustrating for family members - including them!

It's time for them to stop being afraid and just find out what Mother is struggling with (memory-wise) and determine what Dad's condition is. It is unfair for them to expect you to be worried about them and not to empower you with some real answers/information which can be obtained by visiting the Doctor.

If they don't 'trust' a doctor, then what are you qualified to do? I'm no Doctor myself! They are choosing to be their own Doctor! That needs to change...

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