The Nagging

by Gail

Mum is 89 and still able to get around a little. But she’s a nag. Always has been. When I work 50 hours a week ( at age 62) and get home, her greeting is ‘when are you going to do the laundry?’ Or mow the lawn-whatever.

Also, she hates music and my former cleaning ritual involved loud music and dancing.

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my mom is a slob
by: Anonymous

Oh do I hear you there! My mom moved in with me. After years of her saying she would have to live with me and I would have to "take care" of her.

Yep, I do the laundry, cooking, shopping and cleaning. She lays on the sofa all day, scrolling on her phone. Screamed at me when I installed DISH in her room so she could watch tv(accused me of trying to confine her to her room).

I havent sat in my living room for 3 months. It is her stakeout now. Food all over my furniture and on the floor. Magazines scattered everywhere. She rented her house out to my daughter and bf. After screaming at me one night to "go to hell" and to "screw you," she said she wanted her house back.

She called my brother and aunt and told them I was trying to steal her house.(house has been in my name since 2012)She has a decent retirement(but not enough for assisted living which is what she needs)but she contributes very little to household expenses.

She sits so much she has sciatica. She goes to therapy(drives herself even though she shouldn't drive, she refuses to stop)does some stretches at home and then sits another 12 hours and cant figure out why it isn't getting better.

She is a narcissist and has been for as long as I can remember. Listens to my phone calls and tries to talk to me when I am on the phone. If people are over for dinner she talks over everyone. She bathes once a week and has an odor.

She was abusive and an alcoholic when I was growing up. No one else will take her. Not my brother or aunt and my sister has nothing to do with her. I work 12 hr shifts over night. When I try to sleep in the day, I can hear her talking on the phone, even with a fan on high in my room.

My furniture, rugs, everything is being ruined.

She has gotten grease, jelly, frosting and ink pen on my furniture and has spilled coffee and soda on my rugs. I cant afford to replace everything. She doesn't care.

I had given her my SUV several years ago because she needed a car. It was a 42000 suv that she has allowed to get dinged, scratched and dented. The inside is filthy and it smells. I want her to go to a senior apartment. I think this would be best for her and if she lives another few years, she will need to be in a nursing home.

She refuses to consider an apartment. I told her I cant be home 24/7 for her. Her house has stairs, just like mine. An apartment would be easy living for her with no maintenance.

My life has gotten so much harder and my relationship with my bf is suffering because of this. She doesn't care.

They forgot
by: Anonymous

My mom was the same way. You couldn't keep her pleased(ever).
They have been retired for quite a while and I think they forget how demanding life is when you work. Also their jobs were not as demanding as they are in this day and age. No one ever said it was going to be easy and they were not kidding!

I was a single mother and worked 80 hours a week, that was a cake walk compared to taking care a demanding mother. Now I have a crazy father to endure.

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