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Summer Crafts When summer arrives, everyone is ready to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather and sunshine, and Mom and Dad are no exception.

Summer is a perfect time to start new hobbies or crafts, especially when they can be done outside or incorporate nature in some way.

Whether Dad likes to take pictures of birds in the neighborhood or Mom likes to scrapbook, there are plenty of things each of them can do to keep their mind stimulated and pass the days with enjoyment.

Participating in arts or summer crafts is a great way for Mom or Dad to socialize with friends in the long-term care facility and bond over common interests and hobbies. Painting is one craft that can be done anywhere at all. Whether you set up an easel in the backyard or take Mom to a local park for fresh air and sunshine, painting is therapeutic and encourages your parent to be as creative as she wants.

summer crafts

Does Dad like to garden? Purchase inexpensive terra cotta pots from the hardware store and let him put his creativity to use to create beautiful pots for indoor or patio plants. In a long-term living home, pass out a variety of painting materials like sponges, tissue paper or brushes to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

If Dad is an avid birdwatcher, one fun craft will allow him to create his own birdfeeder. Stroll around the neighborhood to find a large pine cone or purchase one from the craft stone, then roll it around in a little peanut butter and birdseed. Once Dad hangs it to a tree, he’ll have every opportunity to sit outside and watch the birds throughout summer.

If Mom or Dad is lucky enough to live by the coast, they can use the natural materials found along the beach to create fun summer crafts at home. Encourage Mom to collect seashells as she gets fresh air and exercise, then hot glue them to plain wooden picture frames, store-bought wreaths or plaques to decorate the home with a coastal feel. Likewise, Dad can pick up seashells or driftwood to create wind chimes for that perfect breezy day.

summer crafts

Crafting doesn’t have to just be something Mom does on a day with nothing else planned. Encourage Mom or Dad to start a hobby where they can keep their minds stimulated through creativity or their hands busy putting together something for the home or as a gift. Ask Dad about his interests and see if there are things he can do as a hobby to keep him from feeling bored or restless.

Does Dad have an interest in trains? Help him put together a train display where he can tinker with the model city or railroads. Does Mom love to take pictures? Scrapbooking with her own pictures is a great way to keep her memory fresh and take pleasure in re-living excursions or activities she enjoyed.

The fourth of July is a quintessential summer holiday, and one that has plenty of crafts to choose from to create décor for doors or windows or that perfect centerpiece at the barbecue dinner. Bring the festivities to the long-term living facility by providing seniors with red, white and blue paper to roll into cone shapes and glue together to create a festive wreath or table centerpiece.

Summer is a great excuse to get outside and partake in a fun craft or hobby that gives Mom or Dad something to do. Crafts can be a social event, either with friends from the living facility or at home with family.

Crafting is more than just having fun, it keeps Mom and Dad active, relaxed and constantly trying to be creative.


Encourage Mom's dexterity and Dad's coordination when choosing crafts that take into consideration their current cognitive and physical abilities. Summer crafts provide endless opportunities for seniors; create a sense of accomplishment, creativity, and pleasure. Nothing is quite as wonderful as seeing a finished product that you created with your own two hands and imagination. Mom and Dad are bound to feel the same way.

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