Stress , Please Help.

by Jessie
(New York)

I need someone to help me and answer my questions to my e-mail.

I am taking care of an elderly 24/7 . I have 2 hours everyday for myself as a break. My time off is 2 days off every two weeks or sometimes 7 days off in one month work 24/7. My friends told me I am arrogant, not patient, rude, anxious. I know that and I feel nerves inside me and I get stressed about anything sometimes and I am trying to get that stress out.

When I come back to work I feel emptiness . When I stay at home second day with the elderly without going out I got headaches and can't think or concentrate (I feel like I am walking all around the house and can not do anything) but once I go outside even for 2 minutes my head clears out and headache goes away right away.

I like the lady I am taking care of but I have no contact with younger people and I do not meet anyone for 3 weeks which I spend 24/7 with the old lady.

I do not meet anyone for all this time, sometimes I talk to my friends over the phone but I do feel very lonely sometimes. My friends told me I have anxiety problems now . I need someone to help me and answer my questions.

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by: Marie

Are you taking care of this elderly person because they are family, or are you doing it for employment? If they are family, and you are forced to care for this person on your own, you have my empathy. However, if you are doing this for monetary reasons, it seems like for both her sake and yours, you need to look for other job opportunities.

I know the job market is hard right now, but there has to be something better out there for you, that won't make you so miserable.

How Long are you Going to Take Care of Her ?
by: Jill

Hi, sounds to me like you may have a gradual
build up of some resentment. I don't think that what your friends had to say about you was entirely accurate.

Even though I don't know you, we all need someone to be able to unload on. And to be able to do that,unfiltered, honest makes the job we have to do much easier to deal with. It's doesn't change the circumstances, or your responsibilities, but it helps with decompressing.

Hang in there, maybe take the time you do have off and do something special for yourself. See friends, some kind of social outlet so that you feel refreshed when you go back to caregiving.

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