Stair Lift Cost - Some Things to Consider

Stair Lift Cost - Some Things to Consider

A stair lift is a welcome convenience in many senior homes, churches and buildings around the country, but they can also be a bit on the pricey side.

When looking for a stair lift also called a stairway lift or stair chair, do your homework, check around and find the model that will best suit the needs of your loved one. Stair lift cost may increase depending on the size, height and shape of a staircase, functions available on specific models and even brand names associated with them.

Stair Lift Cost - Popular Brands and Pricing

The pricing below changes from time to time with or without notice so as you read this the figures may or may not be accurate.....

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Stair lifts are manufactured by a variety of companies, the most popular being AmeriGlide (a subsidiary of Summit) and Acorn. Stair Lift cost is determined by design and function, with models of AmeriGlide often ranging between $1,300 and $2,400, used. For example, a few of the more popular models include:

  • Electric Powered Stair Lifts - starting prices (used) at about $1,299.00
  • Battery Powered Stair Lifts - starting prices (used) at about $1,399.00
  • Heavy Duty Stair Lifts - starting prices at about $2,395
  • Factory Reconditioned Stair Lifts - starting prices at around $1,499.00

For more detailed information regarding AmeriGlide Lift cost for new, used or reconditioned models and features, visit their website at Ameriglide

Acorn brands are available around the globe and offer a variety of features and amenities. A few of their more popular models include:

  • Superglide 120 - pricing approximately $2,900
  • Battery Operated Super Glide Outdoor Model - roughly $3,699
  • Superglide Perch Stair Lift - starting at around $3,294
  • Superglide 120 Stair Lift with Track - starting around $600
  • Superglide Inside Electric Curved Stair Lift - ranges around $8,500

Consumers can contact and review models and cost for Acorn stair lifts at their website Acorn Stair Lifts Summit Lifts, Inc. also offers a variety of options in stair lifts, including:

  • Summit AC (Electric) - starting at $2,249 to $3,495 and used at $1,299
  • Summit DC (Battery) - starting at $2,324 to $3,695 and used at $1,399
  • Summit Outdoor model - starting at $3,499 and used at $2,774

You can find general information regarding models and pricing at the Summit website at Summit Stair Lifts

stair lift cost

Another popular stair lift brand name is Stannah, a British manufacturer with offices around the world offering models designed for straight of curved staircases. The most popular models include:

  • Stannah 400 - (straight staircase lift)
  • Stannah 260 - (curved stair case lift)
  • Models come in Solus, Sofia, Saxon, Sarum and Outdoor selections

Average stair lift cost for a basic or standard Stannah range around $3,125.

Consumers should realize these are just general price ranges, and lower lift cost may be available through other resources such as those found in used private sales, which may be found in local newspaper ads, and on online auction sites such as eBay, Amazon, Yahoo shopping or

Most seniors have access to a local medical supply company, who will be able to offer selections of wheelchair lift or lift chairs from national stair lift manufacturers and suppliers that offer battery or electric power source stair lift models, a variety of weight capacities, and those manufactured for indoor or outdoor use, or a combination. Seniors may also consider looking at used or reconditioned stair lifts, which offer the same functions at a stair lift cost that is lower, if you don't mind going second-hand.


Warranty periods and services will depend on whether or not the stair lift is new, used or reconditioned.

Talk to manufacture representatives about what's covered and what's not with your stair lift.

 Some stair lifts come with between a two-year and 10-year warranty for the drive train, and roughly 5 years on components and parts. However, when purchasing used or factory reconditioned, warranty offers may vary.

Service contracts may also vary, with costs of parts and labor included or not, with first servicing free. Again, talk to the manufacturer about specifics regarding repairs, warranties or servicing contracts before choosing a specific stair lift model.

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