So Tired, I Can't Think of a Comment Title

by Debbie

I was at my dad's bedside for 2 months while he was dying of cancer. Around the clock I dribbled water in his mouth, changed him, and listened to him gurgle until he finally died.

That was easy compared to taking care of my mom now.

She's a lifelong smoker who is now at End Stage COPD and 80 years old.

My sister is irresponsible, abusive emotionally and sneaks medication to mom in order to put her to sleep. It's not a huge problem because my sister doesn't want to help anyways so never comes around.

My mom's sister informed me last week that she doesn't or can't help either.

I own 3 businesses. I work about 12 hours a day and the recession hit me hard. I spend nights with my mom and run back and forth to her house multiple times a day. I give her breathing treatments every 4 hours. I'm exhausted and my health has started to decline.

She won't accept help from free Home Health Care (from a local hospital), and she is frustrated that she can't really leave her bed or her chair.

She is taking it out on me.

She won't answer my questions and doesn't relay what she wants me to do. If I miss doing something she will start throwing things. I love her but if I let myself, I could start crying at any moment.

She doesn't want help but can't do anything for herself. I find myself wanting to get to work to escape.

Those that judge us here just don't understand. It's sad that our only reprieve is the death of someone we really do love. Then the guilt starts.

Hang in there everyone. You are doing a great job and you are all special people. It's okay to wish it to be over.

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by: Anonymous

To read how someone has taken care of their parents is very heart warming. If there is a god he will take good care of people that are that kind to old people. Growing old alone is as close to Hell as anyone can get without being there.

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