So stressed and tired

by Angie

My mom is 86 and is beginning the decline of cognitive ability. Seems she is most agitated at night ,Sundowner's, and the paranoia is really becoming so bad that neither myself or her gets much if any sleep. Anyone else have similar situation?

I moved in to live with her and even though I have 3 siblings all local to the area I am the primary caregiver and what help I get from the is hours a week at the most. Praying for all of us who are in this thankless position in our lives, if we can even have a normal life :((((

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Stressed and Tired
by: Anonymous

My mom is living with us and she will be 86 soon.
We are all stressed to the max. I have just found out that my kidney function is declining and that is only one of my problems.

I called my siblings to ask if one or all of them can help but of course they all refused. They have every excuse in the book.
I am letting them go.

I know what it's like to be the only one out of 4 who has to bear the burden of this thankless job. My husband is a big support in all of this but all of it is getting to him now too.

Just tonight he had to tell my mom off because she has been totally disrespecting us and our home.
Good luck to us all.

Stressed and Tired
by: Anonymous

Soon many more American's will be joining the stressed and tired club as more and more become older.

Unfortunately for so many of us our siblings aren't willing to help.

I have a great spouse who is incredibly supportive but it has definitely put stress on my marriage-best of luck on your journey

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