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How do I release the anger I feel in my heart for my mom who never acknowledges the years of my life I am giving to her? She lives in her expectation and I live in resentment.

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Just say it
by: Anonymous

Frankly, in my case I just came out and said it to my father, told him how bloody lucky he was and how selfish.

He was amazed, it never occurred to him that I had a life of my own that I had to give up for his benefit. I still did the duties but I kept telling him what a pain it was.

He treated his family like crap especially my mother so I had no problem letting it all out.

by: Anonymous

Find a good friend who will let you vent. I'm in the same situation. Thank goodness for my boyfriend. He listens to me vent almost daily.

This Might Help
by: BH

The following post was offered this morning and may help you. Read the Post "I'm In the Same Place."

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