Sibling Brother does not Help

by Terri
(Fairview NC)

I am the oldest child, I am not a high income wage earner, but my brother, who lives in another state is the president of a large insurance company.

He tells me that he cannot afford to send a few hundred dollars to help with my parents because he is "financially short right now". Meanwhile, he brags about how he spends 20K a year just on "Bar Tabs". He also convinced my 23 year old son to quit his hourly job to work at a straight commission sales job for his company, and now I am supporting him as well as he does not have a steady income that is enough to enable him live on his own.

My brother recruited my son to be an agent for his company and then moved 800 miles away and left him here to deal with this on his own. I have a full time job, and I attend College part time. I've spent the last five weeks going from work to school to the hospital to the rest home to manage my dad's care as he has been in complete renal failure for about 6 months.

My brother has not come up once to see him, but he actually did send someone to drive mom around for a few weeks and then he stopped that because he didn't want to pay for it anymore. He doesn't appear to want to do anymore than that. He hired someone to come and do some cleaning for my parents house so that my dad could come home to a healthier home environment, but he gripes about the cost of that and as far as the day to day responsibilities, I am pretty much the only one who does anything.

My son shares in driving them around as much as he can, but he can hardly afford gas for his car to work much less anything else. I am at my wits end.

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Sibling Sister...
by: Anonymous

I totally understand where you're coming from. Just this evening, my oldest sister called me at work... guess who I'm having dinner with? Mom of course.

She makes sure that I know. I think she knows how I feel and she's trying to ease her guilt! When Mom fell and broke her hip on March 17th, she made sure her beach trip wasn't interrupted, but yet "I wish I was there"... so why weren't you?

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