Should I Try Multiplication Games for My Elderly Mother?

by Darlene
(NY, NY)

Multiplication Games

Multiplication Games

Brain games and brain exercises are great for stimulating cognition, focus, and reasoning skills, but it's always important to remember to cater "brain games" to the cognitive abilities of your loved one.

My dad has always been a whiz in math, but since he was diagnosed with dementia, his rational and reasoning skills have gradually decreased.

In an effort to help him maintain focus and try to head off further decline, I did some research on multiplication games.

Actually, there are a variety of multiplication games that you can find on websites on the Internet. Most of them are catered to children, which is just fine when using them for seniors who either wish to maintain their math skills or improve them, as in my father's case.

At first my father balked at playing games designed for children, but what's the difference, really? I sat him down at my computer and I played some first.

Before I knew it, he was also getting involved and having fun. One specific site called has multiplication games ranging from first grade to high school and advanced levels.

They even have algebra, geometry, and precalculus! Needless to say, my dad was surprised, but pleased, and now accesses these games on a nearly daily basis on his own computer.

He's willing to do anything that will help him maintain his cognitive abilities, and multiplication games can be effective in doing just that.

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Multiplication Games for Elderly Parents
by: Wendy

My grandfather, a former electrical engineer, has experienced a decline, like your father, with dementia.

After reading your comment, I also got online and found not only the site you mentioned, but others that offer a variety of multiplication and other math games.

I have encouraged him to play these games it least three or four times a week, and he has expressed a positive response to the effect playing these games has on his focus and attention.

Multiplication Games for Elderly Parents
by: Marsha

I have long been trying to think of other types of brain exercise games besides the typical word games associated with crossword puzzles.

Sudoku is too hard for my mom, but I did access the Internet as you did and found a number of websites that provide multiplication games that my mom has enjoyed.

Some are more challenging than others, but we do them together. If they're beyond her capabilities, we move on.

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