Senior Dating - Dating and Relationships at Any Age

Senior Dating - Dating and Relationships at Any Age

Age is relative. Many seniors, as well as their younger counterparts, enjoy the company of others and seek warmth, companionship, laughter and friendship as well as more serious relationships, just like anyone else.

Social interaction between seniors is especially important to help prevent loneliness and depression. As our parents grow older, they become more isolated, increasing the risk of feeling unwanted, unneeded, and unappreciated.

Senior Dating Tips

Dating tips can apply to any age group, and that goes for seniors as well. Safety is of primary importance when meeting people, getting to know someone for the first time and developing deeper and more meaningful relationships. Today, online dating and speed dating are commonplace, and many dating sites target seniors.

senior dating

Seniors interested in making connections with the opposite sex should keep in mind some of the same tips they advised their children decades ago. Try to arrange initial blind dates or meetings in public locations during daytime hours or take along a friend or companion when meeting someone for the first time.

Seniors have the capability of meeting people in a wide range of venues including:

  • Religious organizations
  • Volunteer activities
  • Outdoor activities
  • Workplace environments

Dating and interaction between the sexes is a great way for Mom or Dad to maintain interest in life, meet new people, and feel as if he or she is still desirable, interesting, and has something to give and offer to others.

The workplace continues to provide untold opportunities for seniors to meet, as more seniors today, due to either boredom or economic or financial reasons, continue to find work to supplement their income after retirement. However, as with the advice often given to younger individuals, keep your romance out of the work environment.

Many seniors are struggling with the loss of a spouse or a loved one and adult children may be slightly hesitant to encourage their parents to start dating again, but it's important for caregivers and adult children to understand that loneliness, isolation and depression can take a terrible toll on the mental and ultimately, physical health, of your loved one. While you may not really want or approve of Mom or Dad dating again, or you're upset that you don't feel as if Dad grieved Mom's loss long enough, try to encourage them to get out and meet others.

Until you place yourself in their shoes, it's nearly impossible for many adult children to understand the uncertainties, fear, and sense of loss that a senior may be experiencing.

Senior Dating - Location, Location, Location!

Whether you're in your 50s or your 80s, you have the opportunity to meet individuals of the opposite sex through a variety of venues as no other generation has before. Such venues include senior community centers - nearly every community has some type of a senior community center where seniors gather for music, dancing, outings, crafts, and trips. This can promote a comfortable introduction into social interaction between the sexes as well as provide the security and comfort of a large gathering when meeting someone for the first time.

Online Senior Dating

Online senior dating web sites offer free registration for most and include dozens of possibilities. As always, caution and common sense are the watchwords for meeting individuals online.

Some of the most well known senior dating sites include:

  • Dating For Seniors - 45+, 3-day free trial, then $19.99 a month
  • Matchmaker - 60+, Free membership levels or Gold level at $29.95 a month
  • Senior Friend Finder - 55+, Basic membership free, with Gold and Silver options
  • Senior Match - 50+, Free standard membership, Gold membership for $29.95 a month

Of course, there are dozens more, but you get the idea.

Conclusion - Senior Dating

Whether you're trying to encourage Mom or Dad to meet a companion or Mom has broached the subject with you, encourage social interaction. Your loved ones, regardless of age, deserve to have friends, to enjoy life, and to meet others, regardless of where those paths may lead. Emotional and mental health is just as important as physical health and wellness and may lead to a happier, more independent and self- confident senior.

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