Scared and ALONE

by Amyb

I haven't even looked around the forum to reassure myself that I'm not alone But.... I feel very alone. I am unmarried, do not have a boyfriend and have been isolating myself for the past 10 years or so and I find myself all alone.

Now my parents are very old and not only are they not in the best of health- mom falls and I get calls from the alarm system and I just feel so anxious. I dread the day that one of them dies because I feel they are the only people in my life that actually love me. I'm an adult child and am feeling lost.

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your never alone , even if u feel u are
by: dawn infinity

Your never alone even if u feel you are , that's qhat i tell myself , when i feel like i am , but i do know what you mean , it is hard not to feel alone ,its only human nature to feel alone , i know sometimes i feel alone ,my sis sometimes will not help my mom out like she should past resentment , but that a whole diff story , my mom complaining about something , sometimes its my sis , that gets me depressed ,

my cat i call her my sweet soul can always calm me &bring my vibrations up when I'm feeling down , but remember there's nothing that we can't overcome , all my friends hav moved on , i do have one person i chat with over the net that helps , don't worry everything will be ok ,

when u get to feeling alone do something for yourself that makes you feel good that's what i do &it helps. remember your a special soul &a valued human being. remember we are not seraphim angels ,until god takes us. hugs dawn

I know how you feel.
by: Anonymous

I'm caring for my bedridden mother. She had a massive stroke in 2015. Her first one was in 1984, when I was just a child. She was still mobile and vocal then. The difference is so sad now. I wish she could talk to me.

My dad passed away this past March and everything since then has been a giant ball of stress, sadness, financial worry and anxiety.
I have a brother who is helping me to care for our mom but two other brothers are not even calling to see how we're doing.

We were so used to our parents being there for us, for anything. Now, it seems all of this is forcing up to grow up in a way. I face it but I don't like it. Sometimes we just want to be that child again and just be taken care of. Now the tables are turned and we feel alone, overwhelmed and scared.

We feel alone but obviously we're not. So many of us are dealing with similar things.
I take comfort in having my mom here still, in any capacity. I do my best for her to keep her as comfortable as I can. I hope you can find some silver lining in still having your mom around too.

All we can do is soldier on and try to be strong. Strong for the ones who took care of us when we needed it too, and strong for ourselves.

You are NOT Alone
by: Rick B

Hello "Scared and Alone". I just wanted to respond to your post. I feel your pain everyday. I am a 53 year old man living with my 82 year old mother. She has Alzheimer's disease.

Like your mother, she falls down a lot. My father passed away almost 6 years ago. My mother is in very poor health and unfortunately, my health is not as good as it once was.

I suffer from anxiety and my blood pressure is high. I suffer from poor vision and vestibular migraine symptoms. I worry about my future everyday.

I had to quit my job 8 years ago to help take care of my sick elderly parents. Believe me, I live and feel your pain everyday.

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