Resentment Plus

by MaryBeth
(Brandon,MS )

Okay had a great relationship with one of my brothers . Offered to take dad to where we live because he could not keep up the house he had at 87.

Brothers sold the house, dad moved here. We have been totally responsible for EVERYTHING for dad.

Thought we would have SOME HELP . WITH FEDERAL INSURANCE AND SUBSIDIES. Said it was our problem that is what we asked for. In 5 years one brother came 1 time, other not at all.

Yes, I have been ugly at times due to no help or support. I sit now being blocked from one brothers phone because he doesn't want to be guilt ed out. Told his adult children I am crazy do not talk to her. I have been removed from my adult nieces and nephews on both sides. They hold the money NOT ME.

THEY ARE MUCH OLDER THAN I AM AND DAD LEFT IT TO THEM THINKING THEY WOULD BE FAIR . Oh well, not so. But yet we have him over every weekend and stop by at least 2 times aside from him being here on the weekend. Yes they do live a distance away but when they are going to Vegas, Corpus Christi etc... With free airline flight I do not get it.

They do NOT HAVE TO STAY HERE...CAN STAY AT HIS APARTMENT IF THAT IS AN ISSUE. I totally believe nothing would bring them here . My one brother's wife also doesn't see her 93 year old mom . The same is being done with my 93 year old dad. She has stopped communication with her sisters as he has stopped communication with me ALL CAREGIVERS. THEY HAVE BLOCKED FROM THEIR LIVES

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I Share
by: Fed up, too

Mary Beth in Brandon: I, too, live in Brandon, and posted to this site a couple of years ago to express my frustration about my brothers being non supportive.

My mother lives with me and has for the past 8 years. With the exception of one brother, the rest do nothing to help financially or emotionally. Worse, they ignore our mother which really hurts her.

I have so much resentment toward them that at times it makes me physically ill and depressed. I have just recently learned to let it go a little at a time because it was changing nothing. I just try to do the best I can on a daily basis, focus on the positives of the situation, and pray for strength and wisdom to do what is right for mother and me.

The worst part of it all is that I have difficulty staying in the moment because I worry so much about losing her (she's 87)that it negatively affects my present interaction with her.

I know it is just a waste of precious time, and I am struggling to come to peace with it. Hang in there and just try to focus on the bigger picture. Let God or whatever you believe to be your higher power handle the rest.

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