Tips for Choosing Reading Glasses

Is it time to look into choosing reading glasses? 

Squinting to read the fine print on the prescription bottle? Playing the trombone with your favorite paperback novel trying to find just the right distance so that you can read the print more easily?

Do you find yourself in the store, guessing at what the label says without actually being able to see it? At some point in time, you may need to admit that you may have lost the battle, but you can still win the war.

For many of us, a decrease in our visual acuity is the first symptoms of aging. While some people notice some changes in their vision at around 40 to 45 years of age, others who have excellent vision may enter their 50s or 60s before such symptoms occur.

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Still others refuse to go to an eye doctor for an optical exam for a variety of reasons; cost, lack of vision insurance, embarrassment, or a plain refusal to admit to any kind of weakness. Regardless of your reasons, avoid putting additional strain on your eyes by refusing to cater to their needs. Glasses offer a much needed rest for those straining their eyesight trying to read without help.

Reading glasses come in many styles, types and strengths. Half height, full glasses, slim reading glasses, foldable reading glasses, sunglasses, rimless and those with thick rims offer a variety of styles to choose from. Glasses that don't require a prescription may come in a variety of different strengths, from a light 125 to the heavier 375. Take a look at your local drugstore reading glasses rack and test out a few.

More than likely, you'll find the style and the strength that you need to make reading those prescription bottles or your favorite book, or balancing your checkbook a lot easier.

Handheld Magnifiers help you read Holiday Letters.

Choosing Reading Glasses

First of all, glasses come in so many shapes, sizes and models that you'll probably be amazed, even fold able reading glasses can be purchased . You can explore the internet for cheap reading glasses online and find an amazing array of choices if you already know your diopter number.

You don't have to look like an old fogie just because you need reading glasses.

Whether you just need something occasionally to read the restaurant menu or you're a voracious reader, you can find the type of glasses that best suit your needs, style, and preferences. You can choose a pair of glasses that makes you look like Sophia Loren or with slim reading glasses Benjamin Franklin, but whichever style you prefer, understand the basic function and design of glasses. Because they're not prescription or custom ordered, both lenses provide the same optical benefits. In reality, our eyes don't change at the same pace. Your right eye may be stronger than your left eye.

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Be aware that if you choose glasses that sit too far away from your eyes on the bridge of your nose, you may experience symptoms such as eyestrain, headache, and even queasiness. Reading glasses strength can be customized if you use them just for reading. Of course, an optical exam by a trained and professional ophthalmologist will help you determine exactly what you need.

Glasses are designed with two specifications in mind, which are printed on tags attached to the glasses. You'll be looking at focus and diopter. For example, glasses offer a variety of diopter or lens strength depending on your ability to see. Those who can see fairly well may choose glasses with the diopter of between +1.25 and +2.25. Those who need larger focus and magnification for clarity may need to choose a diopter range between +2.50 and +4.00

Carefully examine the eyeglasses from the rack before you purchase. Even the smallest abnormality in the shape of the lens such as a warped or bubbled effect can seriously hamper your ability to read properly.

The Importance of Eye Health

The bottom line is, don't let pride or your hesitance to admit that you're aging stop you from enjoying the things you love to do. If glasses temporarily suit your needs, fine, but whenever possible, bite the bullet and obtain a professional eye exam at least every two years so that you can continue to live the life, do the things you love and enjoy your environment as long and as fully as possible.

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