Quit Whining You Selfish Baby Boomers

by Elizabeth
(San Diego, CA)

I am Gen X'er, from the generation who learned to be self-sufficient, one of those the Latchkey kids who learned to make mac and cheese (so my single parent mother could prove that she still had groove in the dating scene) and who paid college with every penny.

I came of age when AIDS was becoming an epidemic (and spreading to other groups besides gay males).

I grew up with baby boomer aunts and uncles who were hippie dippies that were into drugs, casual sex and who thought they knew it all.

As a Gen X'er I am stuck in my job with no upward or lateral mobility, despite being a licensed Civil Engineer, because the Baby Boomers apparently think they can work forever or at least until they keel over in their cubicles.

The irony of the Baby Boomer generation is that President Reagan helped them to gain upward mobility and prosperity when Social Security eligibility was changed to age 62 with incentives to retire and leave the work force.

This allowed lucrative job opportunities to millions of Baby Boomers, but now they don't want to retire and pass it on to their children and future generations.

I had a job interview a week ago and was told to keep trying because many (Baby Boomers) are expected to retire. A few days ago I got a job lead and was told by the organization that they were projecting job vacancies with many who were approaching retirement age.

This is not a made up story to pit generations against one another but a reality about a generation (born between 1946 to 1964) who sold us out, our futures, environment and all.

Many of us have to postpone our goals, dreams and futures because Boomers want to hoard job opportunities. It's really sad to see a Cal Poly or UC graduate working at Target or in food service who is being denied the opportunity to get into a career that reflects an education they worked diligently to attain.

Someday we won't have to deal with them anymore, the younger generations will be late starting their careers and surely will take the lead but what they will say about the Baby Boomers will not be positive.

There will not be any more Baby Boomers to refute criticism that is directed at them but they will go down in modern history as being one of the worst and most selfish generations in the Western World.

EDITORS NOTE: Thanks for your comments Elizabeth....but what does this have to do with elderly care challenges?

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by: Ellie

What the hell is this? You come to a support site for people caring for the elderly and complain about random things that have nothing to do with caregiving.

I’m already stressed out as are a lot of people who come onto this site to vent. Not to listen to some brat whine about things EVERYONE is dealing with. This is pathetic. Shut the f**k up and grow up.

by: Cheryl

Today's Washington Post details the absence of workers to care for Maine's aging population. I have no sympathy whatsoever for the generation that voted over and over to reduce the ability of anyone but itself to survive in the U.S. Boomers as a group - especially those Boomers born in the 40s and early 50s - voted to de-fund public universities, to reduce immigration, against childcare initiatives, against single payer health care, against increases in the minimum wage, against the safety net and against infrastructure improvements.

They spent enormous amounts of public funds subsidizing oil companies, war contractors and the mega-rich. Now they complain that there is no one available in Maine to wipe their butts for $11 an hour.

They have made it an irresponsible act to have a child in the U.S., and nearly impossible for immigrants to come here. It apparently never occurred to them that they would eventually need young workers and immigrants to pay for their Social Security benefits, empty their lobster traps, and cook and clean for them in their old age. They are reaping what they sowed.

To the editor: this reaping is the relevance of Elizabeth's comments to this site. The Boomer generation will face the world a majority of its voters made for younger people. Specifically, the young people and immigrants Boomers now need to take care of them and their parents simply don't exist.

This is going to get worse as Gen X and younger generations not only don't have kids here, but increasingly leave the U.S. for a better quality of life.

Reality check
by: Realist

The boomer generation thinks they are struggling now. They are the ones that continue to vote for lower taxes for the wealthy, which reduces investment in the renewable industries that will take our economy forward and slow global warming. The wars are over, stop trying to create new ones.

I hear you!
by: Raylen

I’m a Gen’r with exact same story dad has been married 3x Mom twice & they are the saddest excuses for grandparents wow.

Yet when they DO see my kids oh 4x/year you bet your butt they post it on Facebook like "look at me grandma of the year!" I was not given a red cent in college or my 20’s, I was actually asked for money by them, begged to join their stupid MLM’s, it’s always been about if it benefits them then they engage.

Terribly selfish narcissistic generation of takers (1 of my parents has also been a huge burden on their WWII parents, my grandparents).

I’ve given up looking at my parents as mentors or people I can rely on, we moved to a quiet town in Montana (where it’s too hard for them to try & mooch regularly) & I’m finding other ways to get my need for a mature mom, a leader dad, filled....its up to us to live up to the WWII baby standards & make it better

Immature and spoiled Elizabeth
by: Julie

I came to this site to share experiences and seek guidance. How I landed on this combative and insulting post by GenX Elizabeth is my great misfortune. If I felt sad and overwhelmed before, I feel even worse now.

How dare you accuse the Boomers of stealing your future and not caring about the environment or even our parents., as you imply. From my perception, on the topic of caring for our parents, we should be kindred spirits, supporting each other.

I do not care what your politics are. We should all care what happens to the future of healthcare, but this forum should be about our experiences with our parents.

If you are a Gen Xer, then your parents are nowhere near ours in age, although Alzheimer's and other illnesses can disable parents at early ages. I find your hostility really sad. None of us deserves it. Maybe you need a group closer to your own age.

Look Who's Whining
by: Anonymous

I believe you can't land a decent job because you haven't grown up.

Gen X, Baby Boom we all get the shaft somehow.
by: Anonymous

I'm with the Baby Boomer. Not sure why the Gen-Xer thinks Baby Boomers want to keep working. We didn't.

But I'm more interesting in the current situation I am in. I, like Gen and Baby worked my butt off, got EVERYTHING for myself, college and then Law school, no help from anyone whatsoever.

I worked my way through both, meaning worked while in school, and of course took loans (although much cheaper tuition at the time). I scrimped, saved and saved enough to retire, both my husband and myself. We are 63 and 61.Sounds good, right. NOT.

I have my 28 year old son in my house. He just finished law school fully paid out of my retirement savings. AND my 84 year mother lives with me too. Retirement Sucks!

I may get a job just to feel human again instead of like a cleaning woman at a hotel. So, how do I not get mad, feel my hard earned retirement is sucked away by my needy relatives. My son will go soon but my elderly mother who seems to be healthy as a horse and of sound mind ain't goin' nowhere.

I'm kinda pissed, all the time. It is simmering slightly under the surface. I am able to shop, cook, get goodies, provide clothing and everything, books, puzzles, whatever she needs. I'm getting tired of it. What to do. I have no siblings.

Baby Boomer to Selfish Gen Xer
by: Anonymous

I was born smack in the middle of your time frame... and I can tell you I didn't get "given" any job with any mobility upward or otherwise; I WORKED for it... I did crummy jobs that graduates wouldn't lower themselves to do to get the deposit on a house, then turned those crummy jobs into a business - one that pays when you work, doesn't when you don't, doesn't have any benefits, no holidays, no sick days but allows me the "mobility" I desire, more or less.

I'm not so naive as to believe that I "deserve" anything, or that the world or previous generations owe me anything either
My parents were encouraged to "retire early" so they did; my 87 year old father has been retired for 32 years, that's the father I'm now busting a gut to care for while still working - because the retirement age (the age at which I'll get ANY financial support from the government has been raised from the 60 it was for women when I started working and raised again until it is now 67; I am 57, only ten years of "selfish" working my arse off to go.

My equally Baby Boomer equally selfish in your eyes husband has less time to go, he's 62 and still working every day outside in the heat and dust, basically just to deny the likes of you the privilege of so doing, oh wait a minute, you only want jobs that are worthy of your skills, apologies.

My parents paid less than 3% interest on their housing loan then in a case of the-best-timing-ever got 15% on the savings they squirreled away by not having long macchiatos and smashed avocado breakfasts at restaurants eight days a week, my husband and I managed to get the flip side of the deal; we paid 17% interest on the mortgage of our first tiny house (would be beneath you Gen Xers to live in such a house out in the 'burbs...

(I know I have two such children of my own) only to have the whole world take a dive just as we gathered some savings (by NOT going on holidays, getting wasted every weekend, playing the one upmanship game against fellows of our Generation) we now get the princely rate of 2.5% - and we have one of the better interest rates in the world here in Australia, geez how lucky are we?! Still not enough to live on. so we have to keep working.

How dare you call me selfish; you talked non stop in your comment about yourself and how deserving you are; your generation is notorious for delaying having children - failing to launch altogether and then you berate the very people who help you maintain the lifestyle you think you deserve.

You won't be looking after your elderly exhausted from working far too long parents either, you've learned selfishness, it's been ingrained in your "fluffy bunny" generation

I don't want to "keel over in my cubicle", (we have an earth moving business so it's more like collapse in my excavator)... I'd like to have some of the retirement perks my parents had, like a few years and a few holidays, because of the age difference between my husband and myself we will not be eligible for any Govt assistance until he is 72 as I will still be working (or we have to both live on his single pension, I get nothing until I turn 67).

I spent YEARS working to better my kids' lives, paying for University education and post grad courses... so they could have more scope in their work choices; one went into business for himself, starting at 19 and building up, the other - the one with higher qualifications - sells furniture, deciding the career of his choice, the courses WE paid for with OUR hard work weren't really for him after all.

Watching me struggle with the decision to find residential care for my father, their position became clear; it's the best thing for him Mum, or in other words don't expect US to step up to the plate if and when your time comes....

I'd better keep working, denying you Gen Xers that opportunity to get the opportunities you so deserve, so I can finance my Aged Care when the time comes... can't see anyone else doing it for me, they're too busy bleating about how hard and unfair life is to them

Wish you Selfish Gen Xers would Quit Whining

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