Pulling the Plug!

by Anonymous
(United Kingdom)

Being the only living child, my only brother passed 25 years ago, I left my country of birth 40 years ago,and never/ever had any intention of coming back to the UK and living here,let alone caring for 2 elderly parents with Alzheimer's.

My husband and I have given up our life, friends, home, work, life/style, basically everything we have always loved and cherished, even to the extent of having to put to sleep our beautiful dog of 14 years,whom we loved and cherished as our child.

After years of trying to persuade them to come to our country (NZ) to live where we could take care of them, we offered to get a bigger home with a home purpose built for them to live, care homes were/are readily available so close to our lovely home, but...no, instead they did not even give us consideration as to how our life would be effected.

I am resentful to the extreme. Now I am 64 years old, all I want to do is go home and have my/our life back. My mother is pitiful and shuffles along wanting me to help and allow her to hang on to me.

She is needy and wants hugs and kisses as soon as you walk in the door and again on leaving.

My dad just repeats him self and cracks what he thinks are funny jokes. I go in the house and it's, your dad wet the bed again last night, I had to change the bed again.

My husband and I have no quality of life any more.
We used to be happy and have fun with all our wonderful friends. Now we have no friends, no social life,living in the same street were I lived before I left this country.

They have ruined our life and I totally understand 'ANYONE' who says they resent and are angry. Why should it be our duty to take care of them when they never considered our life in this equation.

My father is 93 and my mother is 87,and all I want to do is go 'HOME' yes I would pull a plug given the opportunity...

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by: Anonymous

I am your age and on my own and I feel your pain, you only have one life. Please be strong, I wish I could say you will get a reward for doing all this care, however I doubt it. I have great respect for you, if that is anything.

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