Prodical daughter

by Noelle
(Los Angeles)

I was out of family for years we’re 4 siblings. I’m oldest but stress, 6 years 24/7 I started at 62- I’m 68 soon to be 69 in days big problem was younger sister so hateful just like my mother and I find myself taking care of a mother who did terrible things as we were growing up not just me the other sibs also.... mom called social services to say I was beating my 14 year old son who was living with her!!!

She dropped me off at father at 15 knowing he was the one who molested me once at 4 and again at 12!!!

Started calling me a whore after that I was a good girl mom spit in my face walked me to the door and said don’t come back while I still was in high school when i would see my mother about every 7-10 years mom is 95 now.

she was in Paris during Second World War came over here her America soldier dumped her my aunt who’s deceased said mom always had emotional problems..... my mom said I reminded her of her sister and then in the next breath “I hate her”.

So now I figured out my mom and her sister didn’t get along and now it’s been passed on to my self and sister yeah life’s not fair

I guess you could say I’m more of a no ambition person my sister is the opposite she’s told me I hate you I’ve never liked you your not my sister I don’t respect you.... money is her God thank God for my two brothers they stood up for me and said I’m there sister she deserves to be in the will....

I didn’t and don’t expect anything I e always managed to survive I just wish sometimes that God would call me home

I’ve also managed to get hypothyroidism (google) millions have it and don’t even know it (especially if you have no eyebrows or the edges of brows are gone that’s a good clue your always dragged out

Tired depressed anyway sister would say when I needed help “I’m busy” she would pay me anyway wanted my time finally few months back she put mom in home not far from here

I’ve got a job with a verbal abuser because he’s so frustrated with his nephropathy he’s horrible is this karma? People are evil tired of living in quiet desperation

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