by Misfortune's child

She was married to her husband for 59 years until he suddenly died eleven years ago. Theirs was a marriage made in hell, though they had five kids, one whom is handicapped with a rare mental disorder. Patricia was an alcoholic and likely suffered from manic depression (bi-polar). So instead of seeking proper psych treatment, which she disdained, she self-medicated with booze, which enabled her to do monstrous things such as beating up her children, her husband, and even her own mother who was 86 years old at the time.

Patricia settled into a routine of being propped up and covered for by her husband in the later years of his retirement. He made her drinks in the evening and dutifully recorded her favorite game shows on TV.

Patricia didn't even know how to use a VCR and couldn't, or wouldn't, learn how. One time her precious show didn't record while they were away so she blamed him, of course, and said that he could "go to hell" to me, her sensitive grandchild.

She made his life hell and he learned how to tread on eggs around her so as to not get scorched too badly by the dragon's fire.

After her manservant-husband died, which was the only way he got out of his bondage, Patricia's youngest daughter took over to manage her life.

This daughter became a bitch. She is religious, rich, self-righteous and an airhead. She finally installed Patricia in assisted living three belated years after it should have been done.

Then, two years ago, Patricia had to finally be separated from her handicapped daughter and sent off to a real nursing home, simply because the old tyrant has long outlived her physical and mental usefulness.

And because Patricia has about two million dollars that can be used by the Oompa-loompas of the health-care industrial system to keep rotten, 88 year old vegetables like her self supported at enormous expense--for no ethical reason.

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