Part 2 "Unfair Judgement From Male Siblings Re: 90 year old MOM

by Carmen & Suzanne
(Ottawa, Ontario)

HI! I would like to "THANK" everyone for the support received, regarding my " Unfair Judgement from my male siblings....

After, talking with younger sister, who is in her early 50's, we were wondering how, this all came about.

We as a "FAMILY", were regarded as "TIGHT KNIT, CLOSE, HELPFUL, FUNNY, DYNAMIC always looking forward to some "family gathering" and our "motto was "BLOOD is thicker than "WATER". Whatever, the circumstance or events that happened, we always found a way to "patch" things up.

We decided to brief you, on what happened to this "Unfair Judgment from our male siblings". Three years ago, at a "restaurant" we started to "plan" for Mom's 90th Birthday Party....(which by the way was celebrated this March).

The "BOYS" took on themselves, how to prepare this event on a "Grandiose Scale"(as huge as a wedding). What a "joke" on our 'part'. They DID NOT HELP US, my sister & I were running like crazy, taking care of every detail of this "special event". Their excuses were, one was just "diagnosed with Parkinson's disease", the other has" chron's. the youngest was far too "busy" with his EXECUTIVE job at the Government. And was to be away to another province for 2 weeks prior to the "Party".

We were not asking much of them, only some kind of "Help". On the night of the Party they sure made sure, to tell us laughingly "Wow, Great JOB girls!!!" All this to say, funny that my younger "sister" is still recovering from breast cancer, and myself treated for severe anxiety & panic attacks....but, we were still left with all the responsibilities of this "grandiose celebration". Which, by the way was a "complete success".

Friends, family, old neighbors from our childhood, cousins from the "States" attended & were all "pleased" to celebrate Mom's Birthday.

Just to let you know,this was a "sit down supper" and here is the "PUNCH LINE".....
my two sisters-in law, were seated just in front of the "HONOR TABLE" and apparently from the comments we got the next day; the sisters-in-law spent the entire evening, not "mingling" with the guests, nor going up to congratulate your Mom, also, seemingly "whispering" to one another. This was sooo rude, one person said they were "abrasive" and if they had such important things to talk about, why not meet the next day..

My mother was just "ecstatic" about her Birthday Party, but on the other hand was questioning , why did the in-laws not go up to congratulate her like everyone did...My sister called the "BOYS" on this , and WOW this was like being in a "war zone". They got 'defensive" cursed at us, said people who made such "comments" had "pea brains" no life of their own and SHAME, shame, on us for listening too such "garbage".

My sister & I were so busy that night, making sure we "talked to everyone", made them feel "welcomed" but in no ways noticed the ongoing behavior of our sisters-in-law.

All this, to say we try to HELP our mother, and all we get from the brother's is Negative, Sarcastic remarks.

Now, my younger sister does NOT SPEAK to my brother saying , this "Party" was "DUMPED" on us. What we did, we DO NOT REGRET, after all , this was for our MOM , whom we love "Dearly". We still find, we are NOT treated fairly, by the Brothers.

It is "Sad" at this "stage" in our lives,as we are all growing older and all 5 kids still living (that's a "Blessing" we still have our "Mother" with us, what else can a family ask for?? Certainly, not DIVISION, STRIFE , or Alienation. But this, is "WHAT IS HAPPENING.. Are we doing something "wrong here"..???
Hope to get your feed back. Thanks for reading us

2 sisters from Ottawa

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