Parents from Hell

My father has got to be the biggest jerk in the world. Today, he went to the doctor and when he came back I asked him how it was. He told me that he had an infection and would talk about it later. I took that as an indication that he didn't want to talk and went into my room to do some computer work.

An hour later, he stops by, acting real giddy and asks me how my book is going. That's a sensitive spot for me as I just finished a major revision and sent it to the publisher--my dad knows all about that. I've been using the time to rest and relax. I answered that I hadn't heard anything and that they will get back to me when they do so.

Two hours later, I went to the door to go out and feed the dogs, telling my dad what I was going to do and telling him that I loved him. He rudely handed me a bill and told me "pay this bill".

Although, the dogs expected me to feed them on time, I took the bill and paid it. Then I brought him the bill and the check--he had to sign the bill and went back to record the payment on the computer. When I left, he acted like I should go on and not bother him.

While feeding the dogs,I thought about the whole situation and came to the conclusion that maybe the best thing to do would be to abandon my dad. However, my mom is not in the best health and I'm counted on to cook all her meals so I'm pretty much expected to stay and do this. I know one thing, if my mom dies first, I move out the day after the funeral and my dad can fend for himself.

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Grow TF up!
by: Anonymous

You sound like a complete self-centered jackass. Why are you living in your parents house anyway? If you are an adult, get out.

Nothing will do
by: Anonymous

I live over 5 hours away from my mother so her care is left up to my oldest brother. Nothing every satisfies her & any way he & my sister-in-law tries to help ends up not being right-in her eyes.

She says no one ever comes to visit & yet he says there are people in & out all the time. She has no appetite & has requested a feeding tube so she won't loose any more weight. But she doesn't want to go to a home for the care it takes to oversee it.

My brother is just burnt out & has started venting back at her, which does no good at all. I told him that he needs to remember he is dealing with someone who doesn't think reasonably & arguing will do no good.

She thinks if I am there to care for her everything will be better, but I know I would end up feeling like he does. Basically we feel helpless.

Dazed and Confused
by: Cindy

Hi, you aren't the only one who sounds like you're damned if you do and damned if you don't.

My Dad and his wife moved in with my boyfriend and I April 29, 2012. We took them in because we thought they were invalids and not getting the proper nutrition.. Well I was astonished to see when they first got here I treated them like invalids and it wasn't so. His wife yelled at me and said "I'm not an Invalid!".

My Dad led me to believe they couldn't fend for themselves so I took them in. His wife has Alzheimer's and is taking Aricept at a very low dose, she is Angry and Argumentative EVERY day! I told my Dad she needs more medication and he disagrees with me...They both say they feel useless and I have tried to help them feel better about themselves and all they do is moan and grown and we are constantly arguing.

My brother and sisters live out of state and they rarely call if ever now. I have this on my shoulders.. Alone... Do you have anyone to share the burden with you? I know people can be judgmental towards us as caregivers.. But try as we might to do the right thing for our parents if a person hasn't walked in our shoes they shouldn't say anything.... This is the hardest thing in the world!

I wish you the best of luck...

Feel the Same Way
by: sylvie

When I ever try to help out they tell me to walk away, or they aren't stupid. I feel the same way just let them do it themselves. So I feel you. I try to do things with my parents where they can help out too.

My dad treats me like I am scum, and I wonder what did I ever do to deserve this treatment.

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