Painting Portraits and Exercise

Mom is an excellent portrait painter and still paints at 92. It earns her some money and gives purpose to her life. She used to live for ballroom dancing.

Now she and I both go to exercise class that has a great teacher, is only $2 a class, is for all levels of seniors, and is fun for both of us. It's at the senior center where she is making friends.

Even though I have kvetched in this site, I realize how much there is to be grateful for. My heart goes out to all of you.

As a former art teacher and now Personal Historian, the elderly enjoy
making collages, putting their family photos into an art project or redoing albums, or maybe enlist a grandchild to make a DVD movie of their photos.

My mother got a new hearing aid and keeps her enjoyment up of classical music. Help them have a good boom box or something portable and simple to use to keep connected to their favorite music.

And of course, they love to read and watch classic movies.

Earlier in the year, Mom got friendly with a Portuguese woman and they tried to teach each other their language. It ended when the woman had to return to Portugal.

Art saves lives!

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Weaving, Facebook and Chocolate
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your post!! I almost didn't read it because, although I too have unloaded my grief and stress on this site, it can be depressing to read all the posts.

I have asked and asked for more positive posts or a separate section for uplifting posts but still not many come through. I understand, the whole thing can be overwhelming.

Your mom must be quite a woman (just like my mom!). You sound very thoughtful and loving.
My mom, Marcella, is a hand weaver and although she kinda lost the ability to weave last year because of the stress of moving into assisted living and leaving her home of 60 years, she is now weaving everyday again.

I warp the loom for her and help her when she gets stuck but she is so happy! She has woven for decades now and was super sad to have lost the ability. I just sold two of her mug rugs (mini rag rugs for coffee cups to sit on) and she is sooo thrilled!

We all want to feel valued and selling stuff we make helps us feel that way.

Chocolate is another must have to keep mom going. She is lucky, at 87, to still be able to eat it.

I started taking photos of her on walks with her walker, weaving, etc and posting them on my Facebook page. One caregiver at her home opened a Facebook page just to be able to show mom the pictures from the caregivers iPad!

Mom gets a kick out of seeing herself on a computer!

Thanks again for your inspirational reminder. My heart too goes out to all who have parents who are cranky and suffering and taking it all out on those closest.

mary in santa rosa

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