Online Puzzle Games - Fun Activities for Seniors

Online Puzzle Games - Fun Activities for Seniors

When you think of a game, what comes to mind are words like "fun" and "entertaining", but what about "exercise"? Just as you need to partake in physical activity to keep muscles strong and functioning, you need to give your brain a workout to promote growth and cognitive function as you age. Countless studies have shown that regular exercise to the brain decreases risk of developing debilitating brain diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer's. Something as simple as playing on online puzzle games each day can drastically improve memory, vocabulary, eye-hand coordination and even boost brain functioning.

Benefits of Online Puzzle Games for Seniors

While your family history plays a role in whether you develop a decline in cognitive function, what if the key to reducing your risk of developing dementia was based on how often you played games? Studies have shown that just playing games as little as once a week has lowered dementia risks by more than 5 percent.

online puzzle games

If you walked 30 minutes once a week, you know you are improving cardiovascular health and toning muscle. If you walked 30 minutes each day, your benefits drastically increase. The same goes for brain function - the more you participate in entertaining games, the more power you give your brain for warding off detrimental diseases.

As a senior, knowing how to use the computer and Internet opens up endless sources of information and entertainment. By doing a simple search of online puzzle games, countless free websites provide you with a variety of puzzles. Whether you like to play Sudoku, word scramble, Scrabble-like word challenges or word searches, there are plenty to choose from anytime you want to sit down and unwind.

Where to Find Online Puzzle Games - For Free!

1001 Online Games is one such website that offers you a variety of games to choose from, depending on what you're in the mood for. You don't even have to search for games through Internet browsers; Yahoo!, for example, provides users with an entire games database to search through puzzles that boost cognitive function, such as jewel or coin swaps, hidden object puzzles or a plethora of word games like Text Twist, Bookworm, Literati or the basic word puzzles like crosswords, word searches or cryptograms.

Thanks to the Internet, you never have to worry about finding space to set up a jigsaw puzzle again. Sites such as JigZone offer free jigsaw puzzles to put together with a simple drag-and-click motion of the computer mouse. Whether you want a simple jigsaw puzzle to put together in a few minutes before bedtime or want to challenge yourself to a puzzle with 200 or more pieces, there are many puzzle images to choose from with this online site.

online puzzle games

Jigsaw puzzles are especially beneficial when it comes to improving brain function. They require you to think about where a piece goes, analyze the shape to determine if it fits, select the right piece to fit in a certain area and start from a box full of miniature pieces to create a beautiful, finished product. When putting together a puzzle, have you ever looked through the entire box trying to find the exact piece you needed? Searching for particular pieces of a puzzle encourages enhanced memory techniques to finish a puzzle, thus exercising your brain.

Online Puzzle Games - Conclusion

Online games are easy to find and access anytime you want to spend a few minutes relaxing or get into a competitive spirit when trying to beat your own previous score.

Whether you play puzzle games for a few minutes each day or longer, you are providing your brain the exercise it needs to function and maintain proper health. In addition to playing games, simply partaking in a hobby will help you stay active and learn about new things. The old saying that you're 'too old to learn anything new' just doesn't apply. If you try a new game or hobby, you're bound to learn something and keep your mind sharp in the meantime.

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