Not Much Left in the Tank

by Anonymous

I'm a 37 year old male that's a 24/7 caregiver to my 81 year old father who has Alzheimer's and dementia.

I have 2 older brothers and 3 sisters who don't have time to help out with Dad. Dad is more then a handful.

Besides being a handful he always has had control issues. So pretty much everything he has ever done has always been right. And everyone else was always wrong and what we did was never good enough.

Now, with his old age,Alzheimer's and Dementia he has taken it to a whole new level. But with having a few brothers and sisters you would think that I would be able to get a little help? Nope, they all have there own things to do at home and in life.

But me on the other hand is expected to put my life on hold. So now with all the stress of taking care of father 24/7 he has come to the point where he is getting up at crazy hours of the night not knowing where he is and that leaving me to only getting 4 hours of sleep a night.

But no one seems to care about my health or sanity as long as dad is okay. So my question much should be expected of one person?

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Daughter of 87 Year Old Mother Help in Caring for Her.
by: Terri - Fontana, CA

Hospice nurse comes in twice a week. Care giver Monday thru Friday. I care for her after working a 40 hour week at nights and weekends.

Had cancer last year chemo and surgeries. Still another surgery to come. No help from family.

Do my best to remain calm. Can be very stressful at times. I will have a day off during the week and when she knows I'm home, she is ringing her bell every 10 minutes just to ask me a question.

Or, she is worried about this or that. This is where God has put me. Can be very stressful and overbearing at times. Most every day now

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