Not Alone on the Net

by Doug
(North Florida)

I have been apart of this website for a short time now and so much appreciate hearing from you all out there. I feel so much less alone in caring for an elderly parent. It may be only the internet but it helps to hear your stories.

Why are so many of the stories about anger / angry elderly persons? My mom is angry a good bit too and takes it out on me. We are alone way out in the woods with no one to talk to most often. I do take mom to her sisters house. She enjoys that. And I call her friends and family and ask them to call her. I am doing my best to keep her connected with persons her age and her other children. But she is so negative most of the time. She has been this way for many years. Even before I moved in with her.

I have finally gotten her to agree to sell the mobile home and move north with my retired brother and his wife. I love my mom but will be happy when we no longer live together. Now my brother can provide for her needs and can understand who mom really is.

This has truly been the hardest thing I have ever done. My hope is when I am old that I will be kind and thoughtful of other people and not become a negative burden to those around me. I leave this situation with a sad heart. I only wished to spend some wonderful time with my mom. And instead leave here with only a deep sense of relief. How sad.

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Same Here
by: Nita

I share your feelings. I have been caring for my 92 year old father for 5 years and am fed up of his demands, criticisms, selfishness, complaints etc.

I always thought that when my parents die, I will be very sad and will mourn them. Unfortunately, although I will be sorry, there will also be a sigh of relief ! The "sorry" will be for what might have been. i.e. They could have been more pleasant, more accommodating, more appreciative of what others have done for them, more grateful.

I wish old people would realize this before its too late, instead of leaving behind bitter memories.... and a sigh of relief !

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