No One in my Family Helps and Because of This They Try to Judge Me and Slander Me

by Cindy
(Henderson Nevada USA)

My brothers asked me to take the role of caring for my mom 83 after my bipolar sister pounded on her window causing her fall, and has since also continued to harass me and my mom... over and above my 2 brothers, whom make a lot of money and do not want to give a dime to help me or my mom.... they constantly threaten my mom that she is one step away from being in a nursing home and that I will be going to jail...why I do not know....

They want to get rid of the problem completely so it doesn't cost them any more money at all and my mom is not ready for any nursing home and I am ready to stay as long as I can because I don't want her ever in a nursing home.

What do I do to protect my mom and myself legally from these monsters that don't even call on mom's birthday or bring a card or present and no grandchildren at all come to visit her at all (there are about 10 ).

They never see them or barely sees these 2 brothers and the only one we see is this bipolar with extreme schizophrenia sister of mine whom is homeless and at her fault and keeps coming over and banging on the door demanding to come in.

When we try to let her in she starts severe trouble every time no matter what and my mom feels guilty but her heart starts to bother her due to the sisters activity in the house yelling and repeating herself talking to herself out loud and threatening me constantly.... my brother also grabbed my arm the other day and was going to hit me..."my mom only says it's all about the money" that's all she has to say about them never sticking up for me at all.

I lost my entire life and this stress has caused me wrinkles and loss of interest in everything I used to love and causes me to have a hard time having relationships with any man whom will put up with my mom and my family I might as well be dead.

They act as though my life doesn't matter at all and I was only born to take care of mom and other than that I am useless on this earth ...they are very judgmental...don't know me or my mom at all but are always putting in their 2 cents and act as if
we are 2 children and we have no rights.

They have no rights as they pay no bills and really no help at all....none....I was a sales marketing rep for 18 years and very successful.

Now I am in public housing on food stamps and broke and live in a ghetto with no vehicle and lost all my friends and have also become a domestic violence victim so severe my boyfriend went to prison...

I am alone and I know now when my mom does die I will absolutely have no one on the face of this earth that I can trust or that will truly ever be my true and trusting friend as my mom was or is...

At this point, I don't even trust her anymore as she has stuck up for these 2 boys never having my back as I have had hers...

They are worse than the bipolar sister at least she tries to come over and acts like a normal family member wanting to see her mother and help but she is on welfare.

I remember her helping my mom with money when she was on the street with her last dollar...when they have millions...they give nothing not even 50 cents...all of this is abuse to me and indirectly to my mom as she is sad she isn't stupid....

She sees what they do not helping my sister get off the street after she was rich all her life now they say she is better off dead or in jail; and they put their other family wives before my mom wives family they brag about bailing them out of jail..but then say my sister better off in jail when they have never even been there.

Maybe its their turn to feel how it is in jail.. my sister is not a criminal and does not in any manner shape or form belong in any jail ever. She wouldn't an doesn't hurt a fly except she resents me because I am inside with mom and she can't come in because of the way she acts due to her mental illness..

This country I love but it makes me very sad as no one does anything to help a little bit more for the caregivers of the world when we have no money or a lot of times some no knowledge..... as I have, I know they suffer worse than me and I will pray for them...I have nothing else to say there is no answer.
Sincerely, Cindy

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Self centered sibling
by: Lee - Ohio

My fiancé and I have spent the majority of our relationship taking care of my step mom and then my father up until they passed.

My brother and his family have not shown up for holidays, and done little to help, we actually postponed getting married in order to take care of dad, when he passed then my brother and his wife were all too eager to jump in and take charge of everything then, and told my fiancé she wasn't family yet because we weren't married.

Fortunately my dad had made me joint holder of his checking account, becoming sole owner upon his passing, thwarting my brothers plan to get his hands on the money.

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