No Fun Being Power of Attorney

by Anonymous

My husband is POA over his parents. He has a brother that is just hateful. My husband has done nothing wrong but yet his brother don't believe anything he says. He and his wife tell us they don't want any of their personal things and neither do their kids. His parents are now in a retirement home and our daughter is renting their home which will pay their taxes etc. The guys agreed that our daughter would move in and take care of the house until they need that money to continue on living at the retirement home.

All four of us sat down and agreed that this was the best thing to do. We, meaning my husband and I and daughter cleaned their home out and boxed everything up. Threw out whatever was junk and they had a lot of it.

They came by and took one of the bedroom outfits and picked out the one they wanted. No problem. But now he is saying that wasn't the one he wanted and should have got the other one. He had a chance to take the other one if that is what he wanted. Ridiculous!

As far as we care he can have them both. Well everything is now at our home boxed up. First they tell us they want nothing and now they tell us its not fair that they didn't get anything. Told them many times if you want something to come over and get it.

Husband sold dad's car cause no one was interested in it. Put the money in parent's trust. He don't believe that either. He doesn't feel that their parent's should pay for the 220 wiring my husband had to put in the house for washer and dryer hookup and other things that had to be done for upkeep.

My husband does all the labor for free but his brother feels whatever else needs to be done to the house that he should pay for it all and not the parents. Why should we pay for the upkeep of a home that is not ours.

My husband is doing his best to make sure his parents are taken care of. I just don't understand where him and his wife are coming from. Why do we need to argue and fight about this. It could be so simple. We are not stealing from them. Everything is in their best interest and always will be.

Husband's brother is so cruel to him. I could go on and on...I wish my husband wasn't the POA.

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