Narcissism in Its Finest Form

by Margaret
(Tinley Park)

It is very hard for me to understand how children of loving parents can be so narcissistic when asked to help with their parents care. How can they live with themselves?

I have been living with my mom for 2 and half years caring for her as Alzheimer's eats away her brain. The emotional stress in itself is enough for any average person to handle.

The other stresses such as grooming and financial stress makes the situation overwhelming on a daily basis for the caregiver.

What makes it hard is when I see the elderly woman across the hall have each of her 5 children take turns caring for her. Why can't my family be like that?

It has shown me the true colors of the people that I thought I could count on.

God bless all the caretakers who are caring for their parents. You are a great example for your children to follow.

To all the narcissists children who don't participate in their parents care, I would hate to see what Karma brings them when they become old.

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No help from my sister
by: Anonymous

I'm youngest daughter and I had fight to keep my Step mother from killing my dad and all I ask is for my sister to help me out two weekends month or one just give me my family time together.

I been carrying for my dad myself for four years and I feel I'm only one cares. My sister is all about being paid if she helps. I have helped pay for my dad medications, food, etc. and he don't have lots money, he has one brother but he want money to. His wife took all money out his account while on his death bed and law say it's okay. He gets all I seem so much greed since he got sick i can't believe how my sister and uncle is and will not see him or help with daddy I feel for all caregiver it's hard but I could not sleep at night. If u could see him cause of money he listed everything and everyone in life but me and his grand kids thank everyone

Each case is different
by: Anonymous

I can't speak for your family dynamics, but I think calling people who don't want to care for family members narcissists is extreme because every family is different.

Not all children came from loving homes with loving parents and maybe they do feel "put upon" to care for these individuals that perhaps they wouldn't even typically pick as friends.

I am caring for my mother who I was never close to. She knew my older brother was abusing me sexually as a small five year old girl and did nothing to stop it. She admitted that years later. "It's just what boys do."

When my brother was killed she said many times over the years she wished it were me instead of him. The list could go on. Does it make me a narcissist that I don't like caring for her and wish I didn't have to? I guess that's what I am then because no, I don't like it.

She is financially able to go to any of the nicest places, but refuses. She maintains her independence simply because I have given up mine.

The only thing keeping me from walking out of this madhouse is my own conscience and not knowing if I could live with myself if something happened to her. If shoes were reversed, I doubt she'd be helping me.

So, not all situations are rosy and not all families are the Brady Bunch. I envy that you have love within your family, but it doesn't happen for all of us in the world.

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