My Two Moms

by Mary Ann

My husband and I took in my mom and dad 5 years ago. My dad passed away 3 years ago and since then my mom's been going downhill.

My mother in-law who is 86 years old fell down an escalator at metro airport last February. She got two brain bleeds and it rendered her paralyzed on her right side. She cannot walk or use her right arm.

After months of rehab she too moved in with us. So now we have two moms living with us and it is quite stressful. We don't have any privacy in our own home because of the fact that we have to have 21 hour care for our moms because we work all day.

My brothers visit for 1-2 hours with my mom on the weekend. My husbands siblings hardly come over at all...basically, my brother in law would rather pay someone to take his mom to church than he take her himself.

He's gay and he says that the church is "homo-phobic." Good excuse for not getting out of bed in the morning to take her to church! What can we do...we've had meetings with his siblings.

My mom is financially able to be taken care of but not my mother in law. Her money will run out soon. I'm trusting in God to provide. But, there are days that its very hard.

Any suggestions?

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Get tough
by: Anonymous

Find a way to get the mothers in care communities.
Can you get a settlement for your mil falling at the airport?

You're going to have to get tough and insist on more help.

Good luck

I'm Tired
by: Anonymous

I'm tired of taking care of my mother. I am burned out. Been doing it for 3 years. She lives with me. I am going crazy. I'm 47 and she is 94.

Burnt out Emotionally
by: Rena

I am 55 yrs old and left my home to take care of my father after mom passed for just enough time to sell his home so I could carry out a promise to take care of my dad.

Well, 6 years later we are still at my dad's. He never oils leave all their shared memories. Love my dad to death but feel like I am dying a slow death myself.

I am on anti-anxiety medications sleep medications and depression pills. None help.

Any suggestions. Drowning here. I have no other help. Financially broke. Help me!

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