My Loving, Caring Mom has Become Selfish and Bitter.

by Jessie

My 89 year old mother was always very concerned about her kids. She would put herself first and wanted the best for her kids. She lost the use of her legs about a year ago and is mostly confined to a wheelchair.

My dad is still alive and helps her when he is not working, yes, my dad is in his mid 80s and still works most of the day. He works seasonally and cannot watch her during this time. Some of her sons and daughters take care of her while my dad works.

My mother has become completely selfish and refuses to listen to us when we try and help her out of her depression and anger. It feels like the mother we knew has left and has been replaced by a woman who is bitter and determined to live in anger and self-pity. My mother is getting the medical help that she needs but has chosen a life of anger and bitterness to a life of understanding and peace with her condition.

She had always been a very spiritual person and brought us up the same way. She no longer cares to hear about anything having to do with spirituality and isn't interested in reading the Bible, which she always read. She doesn't seem to care about the sacrifices we make to care for her yet she says she doesn't want to be a burden to us.

My mother recently almost died because of some medication a doctor had prescribed for her. One would think, that after almost dying, she would be thankful that she has an opportunity to spend some more time with us. It didn't phase her. She is still depressed, bitter and selfish.

It doesn't matter how much we lovingly try to talk to her and try to get her out of the dark place she's in. She tells us that it's her and not us that is in her place and in her situation. She dwells on the fact that she can't do the things she used to. My brothers and sisters are at a loss as to how we can help her.

It is very difficult to see my mom put herself through this hell. Even though it seems that she will not change, we will still keep trying because we still remember how loving and dedicated she was to us. To anyone who is going through a similar situation, you are not alone.

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