My 87 Year Old Abusive Mother Is Still Abusing Me

by Irene
(New York)

Thanks for reading this. My mother lives with me. She is now 87 years old, very well read, is up on current affairs, has all her faculties intact and is as strong as a bull. I compare her to the embodiment of all the gangs in the US. Because that is the person who raised me and she has not changed.

Growing up she always treated me like a disease, I was blamed for anything that went wrong in the home. I was never appreciated, nor valued. She kept telling me since age 9 that "the biggest mistake of my life was to have children, you, you see all you, you are good for nothing, worthless"

Now that she has been living with me for almost 2 decades, her hatred for me has intensified. She constantly criticizes my choices in my past and present life. She complains about my socioeconomic status, and condemns me to hell. I hear this from her on a daily basis.

Over the years she has turned my home into a 'refuse dump'. Just last year January she hit me in my face with a bucket. I cannot sleep peacefully, I fear that she will deliberately and permanently maim me in my sleep.

I feel threatened, emotionally and mentally incapacitated when she is in the apartment with me. Her constant quarreling in my face caused me such distraction that I lost my phone on my way home from work. My ability to concentrate at work has been affected also.

I am slow, forgetful and easily intimidated, especially by other women.
I need to find a place for her where she can no longer verbally, emotionally and physically abuse me.

Where do I turn, please.

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Run as fast as you can -- away from her
by: Anonymous

I would agree. Drop her off at the curb and drive away, never look back.

Get HER Out
by: Anonymous

Unless you are a masochist and subconsciously feel that you deserve sadistic treatment from your mom, get her the hell away from you before it's too late! Are you her prisoner and her slave?

Dump her off at the mental institution and walk away before she hurts you, which is probably what she would like to do because she sounds demented to me. You don't have to be dehumanized just because she is your mother.

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