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I am 55 and an only full-time working non-driving daughter divorced with two sons. The situation with my sons is that I could not depend on them to help. The oldest son has Asperger's and obviously has problems of his own. The other son has mental health issues so it is down to me.

I don't resent being 'the one' as such but things could be better if my parents weren't so independent. They don't trust outside help unfortunately they have seen to many programs of old folks getting ripped off, or worse. They have their own home which they want to hang on to.

My mother is 83 with mobility problems. The hip operation she had was not as successful as she hoped it would be. My father is 89 and has heart problems and lately he has been falling over more and more frequently and the bumps have been getting worse, the last fall was on the road not far from his home but luckily a driver stopped to help and got an ambulance and to a hospital.

He had a nasty gash on his nose suffered shock and had to stay a few hours until his heart rate stabilized. I am trying to get him to agree to someone coming to check on him even if it is only once or twice at the beginning of the week.

What makes things even more difficult is that my father is hard of hearing as a result from the war his hearing aid is forever running out which makes him even more irritated. He was talking about a motorized scooter but with the mishaps lately I would be at my wits end if he attempted getting across roads as it is a very busy area.

He just can't hear anything coming until it is right on top of him. How do I get two very stubborn people to take notice?

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