Ms. I Give Up

by Kylie

My mum and dad have always thought of me last. No matter what happened my middle brother who was in and out of jail and visits every now and then.

When he does mum is in tears and upset as he is very aggressive towards her so it is lucky that he lives 5 hours away. Dad has been gone for 10 years now and my brother who promised dad he would take care of mum lives 5 hours away.

When he is in town and mum is in hospital or luckily to be out he can't find the time to visit as he was to busy to visit or call.

My other brother the youngest, lives 1100kms away and mum is lucky if he calls or his daughters call once every 5 weeks. For years my family treated me like the black sheep of the family and looked down at their noses at me including mum.

Mum stopped talking to me for 2 years as she disagreed with me leaving my husband who was the sort of man who thought a woman should work and look after the kids and the house and him and account for every cent and that is just a start.

Now funnily enough it is up to me to look after mum who needs 24 hour care. I have a nearly 4 year old and work full time and my own home and a husband to look after but I have had to take time off from work to look after her.

Mum wanted to go into a nursing home and her sister manages one so we are lucky she can go their.

We had a date all set but my eldest brother who is executive of the will is too busy to come before that date. So, now I have to take a month more off work and since I am the only one who can do my job at work and we can not find relief due to the fact that I live in a small town it is really hard to find someone

So even though I am officially not at work I still have to go in when mum is sleeping or watching TV and will be fine for an hour. I am very frustrated as my siblings are so selfish and I am wearing down as the last 7 weeks I have been juggling full time work and checking on mum instead of having breaks.

Then after work taking my son over to mums until it is bed time for mum and we can go. Any suggestions please?

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I Hear You
by: Anonymous

I Hear You - I'm thinking of you. I will never understand, although I know it's universal, why people always hurt the ones they love.

In your case(mine too) it's hurting the only person who still cares about them. I guess they know they can treat you like crap and you won't leave them. Maybe they need to be reminded constantly of this, and that's why they act like such jerks.

I'm sorry about what you have to experience. It sucks, but you sound like a really good person to me. Hang in there.

Ms. I Give Up
by: KayPasa

Take a breath. At least you have an end date in sight. That's something so many of us long for, but there is none in sight.

Just take each day as it comes. I know it's hard. Believe me. This is what I say to myself when times seem incredibly bad. "I can do anything for 7 weeks." Amazingly, it works for me.

"I can do anything for 3 months...5 hours...". Whatever the time period. I can do anything for that long. And so can you. Very good luck. And don't give up.

What? Why?
by: Leasa

You keep saying 'you have to'. Why? Why you? Truth is, you don't have to.

There is almost always the 'one' who the rest of the family thinks of as less than human and with no real rights to a life.

Well, you know what? Your life, your child, your husband is every bit as important as anything going on in their lives. If your mom doesn't wish the best for you...then why are you banging YOUR head on the wall?

Seriously, selfish people don't get better with age. If anything they become more bitter and meaner.

Don't be a door mat. There is no reward. There will be no sudden recognition of what you've done. If anything, they will in the end say you didn't do enough to ease their own guilt.

Priorities: Child and Marriage first. Your home second. Your job as you do need it for quality of your family's life, third. Mom fourth. Siblings...who cares?

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