by Elaine

I'm not sure where to begin. My mother-in-law or as I should say soon to be mother-in-law is one of the hardest people I have ever had to deal with in my life! She constantly talks to herself. Which really bothers me since I love my quiet time and that just doesn't happen around the house. Only time I get any type of quiet time is when everyone in the house is asleep or when I am at work. My fiance has told me countless times she wasn't like this before she began taking the medicines the doctor prescribed her. I've never known the sweet caring person he talks of and it's very hard to try and see her that way.

I should explain myself a little better. Kathy, my mother-in-law, has had multiple surgeries. She has had back surgery, stomach surgery, hip replacement, gall bladder removal, gangrene..the list goes on and on. I really do feel I should have more compassion towards her for everything she has gone through but the past 4 years of my life have really been very hard. She takes Methadone, Soma, Naratin, Xanax,and Lortab.

One moment she is the sweetest person you have ever met and the next second she could rip your head off. She ran off my fiance's last wife and children by her constant mood changing and complete paranoia. She accuses anyone and everyone of stealing from her when in reality she is stealing from everyone else around her.

She constantly complains and argues with her eldest son who came to help me with her when I am away at work. One minute she can do everything herself and the next she can't do anything not even get her own drink or use the bathroom. She has one bill in this house and won't even pay that half the time so my fiance had to take control of her money.

She has so many addictions that if she doesn't have this certain thing she will freak out. To top it all off my fiance is in bad shape and disabled himself so at times I am taking care of her and him with no time for myself. I am tired and I don't know how to do all of this. I can't stand the constant bickering and arguing it makes work a pleasant place and that says a lot when I am a waitress.

I just don't know what to do anymore. I need help real help. I did leave for about 3 months but I love my fiance so much I don't want to lose him because of her and I consider myself very stubborn and won't be run off by this woman. I just wish at some point God will give me serenity from all of this turmoil.

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Substance Abuse
by: Christine

Your mother-in-law is showing all the signs of substance abuse. She may or may not have several providers prescribing for her, but she's over-medicated and you are all in for a very difficult road if that is not addressed.

Find a substance abuse counselor and get some honest information on how best to proceed. Maybe she really does need all those medications, but they sound like more of a problem than a solution. Best of luck, but DO SOMETHING.

Are you Nuts?
by: Anonymous

Listen to yourself! His last wife took the kids and left both him and his mother. They are both life sucking, needy people who apparently have nothing to give. Why can't he take care of his own mother? Where is his father? Did he pass away? I suggest that you have a long talk with your fiance's ex. She could probably give you some inside information about what life was life with your intended and his mother.

Get the heck out of that place before you tie the knot or should I say the noose around your own neck! You are already miserable and you're not even married yet. What does your family think about this match? It certainly isn't made in heaven.

You deserve a happy life and you are never going to have it with this man and his mother. Your life is already one of misery and servitude. Get out now. Save yourself.

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