Mother in Law

by Anonymous

My mother in law never cared for me. There have been times she has been purposely mean to me but never in front of my husband. My husband always thinks I'm paranoid.

Needless to say he's a mama's boy. His dad left his mom and she ate her self to 500 pounds. She is bed ridden and can't get up. She won't do anything to help herself and when she's mad she refuses to eat or take her medications.

She refuses to go in a bed pan so she pees and poops herself and I have to clean her up. My husband doesn't help and I had to leave my job which I loved and I have no time for my kids who have turned mad at me because I'm not there for them.

My daughter gave up her room and sleeps on the couch and my mother in law refuses to turn the TV down so anyone can get some sleep. I'm also a Christian and feel like I'm a failure shouldn't a Christian be happy to serve and shouldn't harbor these feelings.

It's been hard for me to come to God because I'm so angry and feeling guilty. I'm even thinking of leaving my husband.

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TV Ears
by: Loretta

Get your mom in law some TV ears. That's the name of it. TV ears. It's online.

My husband has also left 95% of the caregiving for my father-in-law up to me. Try to laugh.

When I asked my husband what he was going to do when his dad poops in his pull ups, I told him to call POOP-BUSTERS.

Conversion Disorder
by: Lynn - Pennsylvania

My husband has 8 siblings who aren't helping out in caring for his elderly mother with conversion disorder. My husband has basically brought this and dumped it on my plate.

I've been married for 20 years but have never even had a relationship with his mother. I'm feeling angry and resentful towards my husband, his mother and his siblings. I don't want this life.

I feel guilty because I feel bad for my husband and his mother but I still have so much anger. It's like a constant inner emotional battle.

by: Lynn

My mother in law has always been mean to me too but never this bad. God help her if she does because she will be barking up the wrong tree. I can't believe this!

These people are abusing you.

You need to let her lay in her own urine and stool until your husband cleans her up. Take her TV remote away too. Hand her a book on how to show respect and walk out of her room. Let your husband wipe her ass while you and your daughter go away for a weekend.

I agree
by: Anonymous

It is different when you want to help the person, you shouldn't be a slave though. Buy that woman some adult under garments and if she refused to wear them, make you husband clean it up, it's his mother.

I know it can be difficult at times but you have your own life. I would set up some house rules, and if she doesn't turn down the TV so you can sleep move her to a nursing home where she can watch TV all the time and not disturb anyone because no one can hear anyway.

I would not be used as a door mat your husband doesn't love you if he makes you clean up after his mother. It is his responsibility not yours.
Kick the looser to the curb.

It took me until 50 to find a husband because I didn't settle for abusive, stupid or self centered men. I found the right guy who helps me, we do everything together. He even helps take water over to my mother who is housebound.

Please get some help from a professional counselor, even your priest can help.

Hope things get better.

by: Leasa

Okay you are joking, right? If you are not being paid for this horrible unappreciated work and sacrificing your like, then what you are is a slave. They own you.

You are rolling your 500 lb nasty mother in law, who has never liked you around in her bed to clean up her excrement because she REFUSES to use a bed pan and your husband is okay with that?

Your children are perfectly right to be angry. You SHOULD be angry and since when does being a Christian mean that you must be a slave and a doormat?

Only you can change this. Trust me, if it weren't for you, your husband would have his mother in a nursing home as fast as you can say Jack Rabbit.

This isn't love. Run.

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