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I have shared a couple of times to this site. Healthcare in many venues was my career. Today, as I was reading comments something struck me; some of the opinions and thoughts were very lengthy. This is made an impression that people have finally found a forum to vent. Since I was in Healthcare I have had outlets with coworkers, seminars etc. Families who have cared for their elderly parent in their home have sacrificed much.

I speak mostly about those with dementia or those who have parent's who didn't provide healthy childhoods.

Dementia residents in Nursing Homes are a challenge for caregivers but a frustration to family members trying to care for them in their home. The impact on daily life is so exhausting and full of resentment.

Facilities that cater to Dementia are what is needed. However not just put them there and never visit! (That is another subject I am strongly opinionated about) As I close I want to Thank this site for allowing families a place to "let it all out!"

EDITOR'S NOTE - Thank you for your kind words...we developed this site and the forums contained to help caregivers "vent" as we felt/feel that there always seemed that no one else understands what we have been going through...

please feel free to tell anyone that you know about our site that would have interest or could be helped by these forums...thank you again for your thoughts...

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Sick and tired.
by: Fran

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired! I moved my brother, who is 3 years older than me in my house about 3 years back. He had taken care of my mom until he had a stroke.

My mom had heart and kidney disease. We really thought she was not going to make it out of the hospital back then. She pulled thru. Now she has to have 24 hour care and my brother has had his second stroke and a heart attack.

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