Mom Wants to Get into the Bath Tub....

Not sure anyone can help, but it is worth a try. My mother is 86 and she is a 'young' 86 at heart, but she has (besides other things) balance and mobility issues, she uses a walker.

I take her to the gym about once a week as she loves the jacuzzi, but she will not install a jacuzzi walk-in tub in her own home.

My mother loves to take baths, but she cannot get into the bath as her legs get caught underneath her and she gets stuck - so I told her no more baths. She does have a shower chair and the hand bars for safety, but because she has a bit of dementia, she continuously states she wants to get into the bathtub.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how a person like my mom can get into a bathtub (of course with my assistance)? I was thinking of a two tier step stool - sit on the top of stool initially, then descend to the second step, then down into the tub - she would then get out the same way - (but this might be a bit of a stretch) all with my help always.

But has anyone come across anything like a chair you can sit on, then one can lower the chair into the water, then when done the chair raises back up? Anything creative someone has come across? I do live with my mother. Thank you for your help.

EDITORS NOTE - Try your local pharmacy or medical supply store...we used a supply store located next to the nearest hospital here and they had a vast array of products you are seeking. Bath seats, bench sliders, grab rails, etc. When installed, the products helped our mother a great deal.

Also, there are vendors online that are exclusive to helping in home caregivers with these issues. Wright Medical comes to mind. Good Luck!

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Bath Tub Lift
by: Anonymous

There are a number of bath tub lifts that raise up to the height of the tub wall. I have one for my mother, and we have used it for years.

Bella Vita is a good brand because it is light weight and transportable, yet it will hold over 200 pounds. Your mom would just need to sit on the seat (which has flaps that rest on the tub wall and make it sturdier), swing each leg over the wall of the tub, and center herself on the seat.

The battery-operated lift lowers her into the tub. When she is ready to get out, the lift will raise her back up again. They are a wonderful invention! Good luck!

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