Messy Life

by Mercedes
(Winter Garden, Fl)

When we decided to take care of my parents I was married and had my husbands support. Now he is gone due to having an affair and I am left doing this all by myself. I have a 14 year old son, and my mom and dad.

Dad is 89 years old and has Alzheimer's, so he cannot be left alone, he also is a diabetic and does not remember how to take his insulin, he does stay active by working in the yard and doing things around the house, laundry, mopping he tries to stay busy.

My mom well, she has everything, COPD, CHF, stage 4 lung disease, pulmonary hypertension, also insulin dependent diabetic, HBP, High Cholestrol and Obese. She has given up the will to live. She does not care about anything, least of all herself. She does NOTHING, she gets up at 11am and eats breakfast then she goes back to bed, then she eats lunch, back to bed then she eats dinner and back to bed.

She is on oxygen now 24 hours a day. But when we tell her to do something to help herself she doesn't and all she says is that I'm always yelling at her, that I don't understand. I myself have Rheumatoid Arthritis and it is right now totally out of control. My doctor has tried so many different things to help the swelling and pain but nothing is helping.

I have not been able to work for 3 months so far and it doesn't seem that I will any time soon. My son has just fractured his growth plate under his right patella an is in a full leg cast, so he too is totally dependent on me too. My husband soon to be X, is giving me such a hard time and will not sign my divorce papers. Which is crazy since he already has a girlfriend.

So, in all this mess I try to stay positive but it is soooooo hard. If I didn't have a son I would have left a long time ago and just kept going. But I said I would do this and I will, but it's just so hard. I am the baby of 7 children and that's right, no one helps. Only God knows what the reason is, and I totally have to believe in him. But it's very, very hard sometimes.

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Take a break!
by: Anonymous

Such a tough story, I think your parents are being a little selfish for being such a millstone around your neck. It is such a blessing you have faith in God, he can take your burdens and give you strength but why not take a break, let your parents have carers look after them, do something for yourself and son, God bless you.

Understanding your Position
by: Becca

So sorry your having to bare all the load. I understand the frustration you are going through.
My Grandmother died from Alzheimer's many years ago, we helped my Mom take care of her. It is difficult and degrading.. now you have two to deal with along with yourself being ill a teenager and a divorce.

I doubt it could get much worse. Saying a prayer for you right now. Lord help her bare this burden, send someone to help her with this load.
I ask in Jesus name Amen.

I am taking care of my Father in our home, it is hard on a marriage, hard on a relationship even when they are not as ill as your parents.
Heaven help us all.

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