Medical Supply Stores - How They Can Help

Medical Supply Stores - How They Can Help

What are the benefits of a supply store? Plenty. Supply stores offer a multitude of medical supplies, equipment, accessories, and options for those taking care of elderly parents at home, or for use by anyone recuperating from a long illness, injury or surgery. A home care medical supply store is found in larger communities, and most medical supply businesses have online websites to facilitate browsing through supplies in a number of categories, as well as ordering and a raging for shipment online.

Taking Care of the Elderly

If you're taking care of an elderly parent or loved one, you already know how much supplies cost at your local drugstore. Ordering in bulk through a supply store can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year. In addition, supply stores have brands and supplies that you don't find in your typical drugstore. For example, some of the most commonly purchased products for home health care include supplies for:

  • diabetes
  • catheters
  • ambulatory or mobility products
  • ostomy supplies
  • respiratory (such as oxygen, oxygen tubing, cannulas, and air tanks)
  • supplies for wound care
  • supplies for skin care

If you don't see a product or supply you need inside a supply store, talk to the clerk or ask to see a catalog. In most cases, you'll have access to just about any type of home care medical supply, tool or equipment you need to provide quality care for your loved one.

medical supply stores

Accessing Medical Supplies Online

A variety of medical supply companies offer a multitude of supplies online, including wheelchairs, walkers, catheters, items that can be used to enhance the safety of your loved one in the kitchen or bathroom, as well as nutritional tube feeding supplies and skin care supplies.

Whether you need adult briefs or catheter tubing or ostomy bags, an online medical supply company can get you what you need. Online supply stores will have a tab showing their products or a product catalog. Most also offer a shopping cart with easy check-out and customer support.

Depending on the supply store you're accessing online, you may also benefit from free shipping, 30-day money back guarantees, and live advice or communication through toll-free numbers.

medical supply stores

Online medical supply shoppers may set up a customer profile on many medical supply websites by registering with an e-mail address and designating a password. A customer profile keeps track of the items you've ordered and facilitates re-ordering with simplicity and ease. In addition, following the completion of your order, users have the capability of printing out a receipt so you can continue to keep track of expenses for tax time.

So whether you need a patient lift, a sharps container, sterile exam gloves or bedding accessories, physical and online supply stores have what you need. To access a supply store online in your area, simply type in "medical supply stores" and see what you come up with. You'll receive page results of not only nationally recognized supply stores, but also local stores in your area by typing in "medical supply stores” followed by your city or county.

Ordering medical supplies doesn't have to be time-consuming, confusing or complicated. Talk to your doctor about supply stores in your area, or log onto the Internet and take some time exploring and researching supply stores online. Choose one that offers free shipping and handling whenever possible, and offers an easy to navigate website, transparent product information including item details, weight, and price, as well as toll-free numbers for live customer service.


Medical supply stores are especially convenient for caregivers taking care of an elderly parent or loved one as well as a spouse of an elderly loved one involved in patient care. Your time is valuable. Save time from running around, arranging transportation, or arranging for delivery of products by taking advantage of the ease and convenience of online medical supply stores.

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