Love is the Answer?

by Anonymous

Thank you everyone for your comments. I see there is a trend here with the youngest caring for our parents, and the older siblings self centered, just as they have been their whole lives.

I too am the youngest of four children and I have one brother who is awesome, that is a few years older than I and lives close to my father. Our older siblings are a sister 62 and a brother 61 so insecure and self absorbed - the boy has been always like that, the girl just lately.

They never come by to offer help, they stay only when they need to use his home as a hotel for business - yes, so sad. Their behavior is to me utterly fascinating, its so appalling.

I tell my father not to allow it, but he cannot say no to his children. Now I understand why when working for a major bank the rich do not allocate their money evenly in their trusts to their children.

Luckily, I was able to get my father's attention to understand the unfairness of dividing his assets equally among all his children. He adjusted it now so that the brother that helps me and I will be getting a large chunk of change for caring for him and being his Durable Power of Attorney. So for this I feel vindicated and feel it is fair.

My question is why does my nice brother and father rescue and make excuses for the oldest two self absorbed siblings? Managing all the care and lifestyle, and automating it, has not only almost cost me my job, but drained me mentally and physically for four years now. I have asked them both to help, and they are so lazy, it is more work to ask, than to manage them to lift one finger.

One thing I know for sure is that karma is very alive and well, and so is Jesus and his blessings on those that do the right thing. I would love
to know what's in their mind as they neglect my father, who by the way was the most loving and kind father to us all, an exemplary father by everyone that knows him.

This is what I know for sure and is the silver lining in all this for all of us. I love my father. I am so lucky to have been blessed to know him and have all these wonderful years in his friendship, care and protection when I was a vulnerable child.

I feel honored to help maximize his golden years which he so richly deserves now that he is vulnerable and requires decision assistance just as I did long ago. It it is an honor God has chosen me to assist my father in transitioning to his next life when that time comes.

In the interim, we are blessed to travel together and we have the greatest time and laugh our butts off. In the process we are an example for others of the ideal loving and caring respect between father and daughter.

We are blessed to talk everyday on the phone like chatty girls. I love him unconditionally and he me. I support him 100% and him me 100%.

Also what I know for sure is that when I get old and vulnerable God will have someone to take care of me....he has already arranged that for me....and my brother who is helping me. This is what I know for sure. This is our calling. Love is the answer.

As for the siblings, we need to pray for the other siblings so that we do not become bitter...however, I don't sense we need to waste any of our time on rescuing them or giving them the gift of our friendship, because their actions speak louder than words, they don't care about us, so they don't deserve our friendship. They have chosen this, so don't feel guilty.

God bless you all, we are kindred loving spirits making the world a slice of heaven on earth.

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I am so happy for you.
by: Anonymous

Your comments gave me a feel good moment. It is so wonderful that your father rewards and values you for your care and efforts! My hats off to both him and you.

Run with the good and try to ignore the bad, as there is no changing your siblings now....Hang in there!

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