Lift Chair - Can this Help Make Mom's Life Easier?

Lift Chair - Can this Help make Mom's Life Easier?

If you've ever hurt your back or suffered a knee or hip injury, you know how difficult it can be to perform such simple tasks as sitting in a chair, trying to relax or get comfortable while visiting or watching TV.

Many seniors diagnosed with medical conditions such as arthritis or osteoporosis must deal with such restraints and conditions on a daily basis. You can make life a lot easier for your parent by considering this type of assisting technology.

A lift chair or power recliner looks much like a typical living room recliner, but with an important difference. This chair has the capacity of rising and lowering to meet the needs of the senior or disabled person without requiring that person to perform extreme bending or standing motions that make sitting difficult and painful.

Seniors with weak muscles, those who are obese, and those recovering from surgery, injury or medical conditions of the joints may find the benefits of a chair extremely rewarding. A variety of manufacturers design chairs in a large number of styles, shapes, colors and with features that can be customized or catered to the needs of your parent.

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Choosing a Lift Chair

Find the right type for Mom or Dad by comparing brands, models, and functions. You can do this online. Chairs offer a lifting mechanical device underneath the chair that lifts it high enough so that Mom doesn't have to bend her knees very far to sit down. However, chairs offer other benefits including a variety of positions. Most chairs offer 2 to 3 positions, perfect for sitting and watching TV or reading. Three- position chairs also offer a reclining back, perfect for napping, and some lift the feet to help promote circulation and reduce edema.

Other brands of chairs offer other positions perfect for relaxing, full reclining or sleeping positions, as well as some that actually lift the feet higher than the head, especially beneficial to those with circulatory issues.

Even the most basic, two-position chair offers benefits to seniors, and some even come with heating or massage options. Dozens of fabric options and colors are available, as are in-home services. Upholstery options include a variety of fabrics, including vinyl, leather and suede options.

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Pillow back designs, arm and head covers, and integrated battery backups are also available in some models.Remote controls offer easy accessibility and use by seniors, including those with weak hand strength or rheumatoid arthritis.

Some brands of chairs only need a few inches of space between the back of the chair and a wall for optimal function, while others that offer full-recline positions will need more space. Most chairs can hold up to 375 pounds or more, depending on brand, and come in a variety of seats sizes, depending on the size and weight of your parent.

Paying For a Lift Chair

You and your parent should know that the total cost of a chair is not covered by Medicare. Medicare only covers the mechanism that lifts the chair, but not the chair itself. In most cases, reimbursement averages $300, depending on state. A number of coverage criteria must also be met.

Medicare only pays costs of items, supplies or durable medical equipment deemed medically necessary. In order to qualify for reimbursement for lift chair mechanisms, individuals must be able to prove:

  • Diagnosis of knee or hip arthritis
  • Severe neuromuscular disease
  • The senior or patient is incapable of standing from any chair in their home
  • The ability to walk, even with assistive devices
  • The physician that ordered the seat lift mechanism (essentially a lift chair) must be an attending physician or a consulting physician in the field relating to the condition or disease with which the patient is diagnosed.


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If Mom or Dad meets the above criteria, talk to their doctor about the possibility of prescribing a chair to make your parent more comfortable. Individuals who don't wish to deal with Medicare may often arrange for payment options from chair manufacturers, so don't let pricing, Medicare reimbursement, or the cost of a chair prevent you from seeking possibilities with a number of chair manufacturers.

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