Left Alone with Mama

by Edward
(Florence, SC)

I am a fifty four year old man who is disabled due to severe clinical depression, an injured neck and back and little money

I have a sister who is four years older than I am and she has all but stopped visiting Mama since she borrowed a large amount of money from me and my mother.

My sister has a son and a daughter with who she can't get along with. The niece never calls Mama or sends her a card. She abruptly left town and began her new job 300 miles away over a year ago and she has not offered my mother a single dime or a minute of her time since leaving.

My sisters son is the closest to my mother because My mother and I raised him until he was 16. When my Dad died two years ago, he left everything to Mama with my nephew in charge of all she owns. He has power of atty. over her affairs and I have to beg him to send me some of Mama's money to help us with major auto bills, housing repairs and Mama's hospital bills.

He seldom calls my Mama and like the others he doesn't have a penny of money, nor a minute of time to spend with her. This makes her sad and I hear her cry at night. It is breaking my heart.
They never think that I might need some down time or a break. They are however totally concerned about what money or material gains they might get when she passes on.

The home is my mother's and she wants me to have it when she is gone but my father left the house in trust with my nephew as the eventual owner.

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It's Very Unfair but not Uncommon
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry to hear of your plight and I can't understand why your father left everything to your nephew, everything except the actual day to day care of your mother!

It is unfortunately not uncommon for the people who are the least concerned about the daily physical and emotional well being of a person are the most concerned about their finances. They visit the online balances with great regularity, but the human being goes without a phone call, a card, or a visit.

Since your father saw fit to make such arrangements and your mother seems not to have had an equal say in anything, I'm not sure that you have any recourse. I only hope that she appreciates you.

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