It's Wednesday, Mom

Around and around and around the conversation goes, into tighter and smaller concentric circles until we are just stepping all over ourselves in this little space in the middle.

And then boom! my mind snaps like a spring out of a watch because there is nowhere left to go.

And then we start over....same subject, same question, same answer, same ending.
The only difference I see is that the time between forgetting is getting shorter and shorter.

What's today?
It's Wednesday?
When are you coming home?
When is John getting here?
Whats' today?

It's like being in the proverbial white padded cell with no windows and a tape recording of Who's On First? plays over and over and over.

Every Day.
All Day.

It's so sad, but I don't know who it's more sad for, her or me. At least she is oblivious.
Many times I. Just. Can't. Take. It.

What is it like for her, I wonder? When I ask if she knows she just asked me that question, she truly doesn't remember. Sometimes she accuses me of making it up, as if I'm playing tricks on her.

I ask her, do you know you're not remembering? Sometimes she says, well, maybe I'm not.

So I say, It's Wednesday, Mom.

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The Crazy Loop
by: Daughter is trying

I know. I get: you left me here alone and then: I don't want you, anyone but you, get out of my house.

I thought I was giving my mother a gift of making it possible for her to live in her own house.

But it is thankless and I am a prisoner. So I guess she is going to have to move to a care community because I cant stand the abusive craziness anymore.

It's tiring. I seem to be the only one who can deal with her. No one else even comes near. I am exhausted from the constant stress of having to be there for her, and also of never having any of it be enough to please her.

Her brain doesn't work correctly anymore. She wants to be left alone, then complains about being left alone. She complains about me, but won't let anyone else in the house.

Tick tock, the time bomb is going to blow soon, and it might be me!!

So Sad
by: Anonymous

Oh, it's so, so, sad. To watch your parent slip into the abyss is hard to take. My Mom has vascular dementia, much like Alzheimer's, but a slightly different timeline.

My Mother In Law has age related dementia. Both do the same thing as your Mom. Mom is midway+, so she still has some lucid days, but she is weak and unsteady on her feet. And oh so stubborn.

My Mother In Law can't remember even small things, and she has trouble with times past and now - she thinks they are the same. So, all I can give you is a big ((((HUG)))). I understand how you feel and how absolutely frustrating this is. (((HUGS)))

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