It's Been Hard

My 85 year old mother lives with us. I don't have to tell you that it's not easy. I am a diabetic who recently spent a week in the hospital due to a bad infection in my toe which resulted in them having to remove it.

I am trying to recuperate from all of this and handle things with my mom as well. I notice how much the stress of it all is affecting me

I have 3 siblings who have different "reasons" for not being able to pick up some of the slack.
It's really discouraging.

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To: GreenAcres
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your reply.
To be fair my one sister did take my mom to visit her for 6 weeks which gave us a much needed break, but as far as taking her into live with them (siblings) they say they "can't".

They have to work, they don't have the room. The excuses go on and on. If everyone pitched in it wouldn't be so bad.

As I've stated, I am dealing with multiple health issues, so at some point there has to be a change. I think I may speak to someone in social services and explain the situation. Perhaps they can help?

Anyway, thanks for your concern. I am trying very hard not to become bitter and resentful.

by: Greenacres

Have your siblings ever pitched in? Have you asked for help? If they can't help you, that makes me very mad....just sayin'.

All I can do is is give you some encouragement, YOU ARE DOING THE BEST YOU CAN AND YOU SHOULD BE PROUD OF THAT. Find a way to relieve that stress as it can be very harmful to you. (I have a Jacuzzi bath and I lock myself in there sometimes.

I don't care if it is in the middle of the night!)

Just know we are here if you need to rant and rave... that helps with the stress. Good Luck to you and yours. I'll be thinking of you today.

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