It Doesn't Stop After Death

In 2008 my Mother drafted a will making me executrix and leaving everything to me.

In 2011 I wasn't in a position to care for my Mother when she became ill. She made her attorney Power Of Attorney, which worked well, but at the same time she gave my sister Medical Power Of Attorney jointly with the attorney.

My Mom got ill and had to have surgery, after that my sister tried to have her admitted into a psychiatric hospital because she had dementia. I was then in a position to step in and take my Mother.

My Mother was transferred to a Rehab Center to help her learn to move around after the surgery -- it was a dirty terrible place and I tried to get her transferred and my Mom's attorney would not let her transfer, which really irritated my Mother.

After that my Mom appointed me as Power Of Attorney, she lived with me and my fiance for one year until she was strong enough to live on her own again.

My Sister had gotten my Mother's drivers license revoked as well. My Mother lived 1.5 hours away but I came down (unless I was sick) at least once a week. My Mother became sick in August and was admitted into the hospital, I was there everyday and had her enrolled in a hospice program and brought her to my home.

She passed away holding my hand. My Sister had told other relatives that she wanted nothing to do with my Mother alive or dead. She was unaware of the Will my Mother made in 2011 making her executor and having her divide everything 50/50.

There is no way my sister would be objective, as soon as she found out this Will existed, the threats started!! I have no choice but to contest my Mother's competency at the time of the 2011 Will.

I have made it very clear that I do not have an issue with splitting everything 50/50 but I want an objective party, such as my Mothers attorney, appointed
as Executor.

My sister now says that I don't deserve 50% because I abused my Power Of Attorney during my Mother's life. She falsely obtained a bank statement and is trying to say I abused my power.

My attorney says it is a civil matter....and I don't have anything to worry about. I have plenty of documentation to support my Power Of Attorney but I am feeling hurt by all this and I don't want the fight!!

My attorney says not to do anything hastily and I will get my part just to hang in there. I honestly don't care...let her take it all, but maybe I need to listen to my attorney. It was me who took care of my Mom continuously for 2 years, and changed her diaper when she couldn't get out of bed, listened to her moan in pain, I also used to call my Mom at least once a day, pick up things for her constantly either with my card or with her card, and now I have to account for everything.

Showing reimbursements to myself that I really never wanted to take. Also, My Mother used to ask for me to give her, her own spending money. I did so, how do you tell your Mom no I'm not doing that. It made her proud to get her money out of her own purse and pay. She's accusing me of taking that for myself.

It's mean and greedy, no one came forward to help for two years and when my sister found out about this Will she is becoming a monster. I am sad and just want my Mom back and if she had remembered drafting this Will she would have drafted another one because she didn't want anything to do with my Sister as well.

My Aunt knows as well as my Mother's friends and they have all agreed to testify if it goes to court. I am exhausted, I have this huge void in my life now, which I am trying to fill. Thank God for Hospice Bereavement counseling.

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Sorry to Hear That
by: Anonymous

I'm really sorry to hear of your troubles. It hurts the most when it's family members that turn on us and you never expect that. It is fair to split 50/50.

I took care of my mother for 20+ years and I had to recently take a break and have my brother step it. It was getting to be too much for me. With the demands and no matter what I did she didn't like it. I love her with all my heart but she can be so difficult some days are really hard to get through.

The good thing is that my brother and I agree to split things 50/50. My mother has a separate bank account and my brother has control. If you can't trust family who can you trust.

I hope things work out for you.

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