Is Life I Guess

by Anonymous

Is so sad to know the pain of so many parents dealing with their adult children. I have seen a lot of that and unfortunately to wonderful parents that loved and care for their children. No appreciation in return, their lives matter but not their parent’s life.

I have 3 adult daughters 2 very well doing and with wonderful husbands that provide for them.
The third one lives a more modest life but happy.
My problem is to have 3 drama daughters. There is always something going on with them.

I always have to be so cautious in what I say to avoid any miss understanding or offend them, however they we as mothers we do not have the right to feel offended.

Sometimes I think that the best thing to do is to be away from them and to live our lives in peace. They are always conflicts about them, one because was to advise and control everybody’s lives, her own children are sick of that and they come to me to complaint about her.

I always tell them that she was a wonderful mother while they were growing up and the best thing to do is to talk with her about their feelings. The second one have been giving us problems since she married at age 19 with the wrong young man.

We saw what was coming but did not want to listen.

She married for second time and doing great. The problem is always complaining that I prefer this and that sister, always causing problems, there is no way that I can give her a healthy good advise of any kind, she always jump as high as she can.
The third one is hypochondriac never stop with her pains and some of them as true but is one after another.

She has a good heart but at times she can be very complicated. So O can not count with either one to have peace and a loving relationship. Our son is
fine and also his wife that I adore. They have small boy and I can not even mention his name in front of them because they get jealous and think is the only one I care for.

However 5 of our grandchildren out of six loves me very much same goes for my husband of 56 years. I get upset with all this bs that I have to go through but my husband advise me not to worry.

My life is my family and I will love to have my daughters as my friends and treat me the way they treat their friend... I almost never worked while they growing up, near home, clean clothing and everyday fresh meals for dinner. 99 percent were with me and not with babysitters.

Yes I was a very good mother, but it seems there is no appreciation. Why? Have you seen those terrible mothers that leaves their husbands and children for other men, or alcoholic mothers giving such a hard life to their children etc etc and those children adores them later on or try so hard to help them to get better?

While wonderful mothers do not have the same luck?

Life is unfair for sure.

A wise thing to do ladies in pain live your life putting yourself first, second and third. We are as important as they think they are. Have I’d make friends that can alleviate your pain and give you the support that your own siblings are not able to do.

Be happy, que será será and if they do not care for you why you have to care for them?
I love my daughters and try my very best and is all it count. Stop been the victim, you are the victim just because you allow to be one.

Cut the umbilical cord and be happy. Get involved in a hobby that you could enjoy and let them live their lives because yours is more important.
Love to all of you good mothers.

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Oy Vey
by: Anonymous

You raised three drama daughters because you’re a Drama Queen.

Nothing owed to you
by: Anonymous

You chose to have kids. They don't owe you for having/raising them

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